Suffering from a post-Election Day hangover? Here's how to survive

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Having a rough morning? You're probably not alone.

Regardless of who they were rooting for, the average poll-watcher may have had plenty of reasons to drink on election night. Some were celebrating, some were drowning their sorrows, and others may have simply been trying to get through the final leg of a crazy election cycle.

Presidential elections are also held on Tuesdays, meaning that a large chunk of America needed to be ready to work the next morning. If there are two things that don't mix well, it's heavy drinking and getting up for work. But, regardless, Tuesday night's "festivities" may lead to a nasty hangover on Wednesday morning.

Obviously, the best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink in the first place. Or, for those looking to have a few anyway, Fox News has previously reported that a good rule of thumb is to have a glass of water between every drink. Also, drinking electrolyte-rich drinks can be helpful as well.

If there are two things that don’t mix well, it’s heavy drinking and getting up for work in the morning.


While there’s no cure for a hangover, some foods can also be a big help with the effects. For example, eggs contain an amino acid called cysteine that can break down acetaldehyde (a byproduct produced when your liver breaks down ethanol), and they're also high in B vitamins, which studies have shown can help with the symptoms. Bananas, meanwhile, can help bring your potassium levels back up to normal.

Ginger capsules, too, may be able to help with nausea or bloating, according to nutritionist Monica Reinagel, who spoke with Details. "Take two ginger capsules every hour with water," she told the outlet, but not on an empty stomach.

Researchers in one Korean study also observed that asparagus, especially the amino acids found in the leaves and shoots, were helpful in speeding up the process of metabolizing alcohol. (Those effects were observed when the asparagus was eaten prior to the onset of a hangover, though there were still benefits to the already hungover, the researchers believed.)


Lastly, a recent study from Utrecht University revealed that people with lowered levels of vitamin B23 and zinc suffered more severe hangovers. These two substances are commonly found in meat, suggesting that election night may not be the best time to try going vegan.

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