Stifler! Seann William Scott Talks About Reprising His 'American Pie’ Role

The Stifmeister! Seann William Scott exclusively talked to Us Weekly about his iconic American Pie character, Steve Stifler, and revealed whether he’d ever reprise the role.

“I just love that character and everybody involved [with the movie],” the Final Destination actor, 46, shared with Us on Wednesday, May 24, while promoting his upcoming film The Wrath of Becky, which hits theaters on Friday, May 26. “I think that could be really fun to see that character again, but it’d have to be, like, a perfect script.”

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Although Scott noted that he didn’t know whether his return to the American Pie franchise “would ever happen,” he spoke of his experience playing Stifler fondly. “That’s the most fun character I think,” he said. “Cause he is such a weirdo. He’s such a weirdo that, like, he can kind of get away with anything. But deep down, he just wants to be loved.”

The Dude, Where’s My Car? star isn’t the only American Pie cast member who has hinted at wanting to pick up where they left off. Jason Biggs — who played awkward protagonist Jim Levenstein — exclusively told Us in February 2020 that he hadn’t “entirely given up hope” of doing more films.

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“I think there is a world in which — if all of the things fall into place that need to fall into place — there’s a world in which we can make another one,” the Orange Is the New Black alum, 45, said at the time.

Both Scott and Biggs appeared in all four of the original films, last appearing in 2012’s American Reunion. The franchise has also produced five spinoff films to date, none of which the two OG actors participated in.

Scott may have risen to prominence playing the loudmouthed jock in the comedy films, but the Minnesota native feels just as home in the world of drama, if not more so. In The Wrath of Becky — a sequel to the 2020 film Becky — he plays a neo-Nazi named Darryl. Along with his fascist organization The Noble Men, Darryl goes head-to-head with the 16-year-old titular character (Lulu Wilson) after breaking into her home and kidnapping her dog.

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“I really liked playing a more dramatic, kind of serious character,” Scott told Us of his experience on the film. “I don’t know what this says about me, that it was easier for me to tap into this kind of character than most of the comedies, but I think comedies are more challenging for me, just because [you] either are gonna make it funny or not, you know?”

Despite enjoying the darker subject matter, the Lethal Weapon alum noted that he doesn’t “relate to anything” about his villainous character. “That would make me kind of a psycho. … I relate to his beard. Because sometimes I have a beard that’s similar and I like his beard,” he joked. “But that might be it.”

Not only did Scott’s portrayal of Darryl offer him the “opportunity to do something pretty different than what I’ve done throughout most of my career,” but the film marks “one of the rare times” he’s done press for a movie without feeling “like a fraud.” He told Us: “Cause there’s times where you’re like, ‘Go see the movie. It’s great.’ And inside, you’re like, ‘Ah, [I’m] lying to them.’”

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The Goon actor — who has been married to interior designer Olivia Korenberg since 2019 — added that he thinks viewers will enjoy the film even if they didn’t see the OG Becky.

“I saw it in a theater a couple days ago with my father-in-law who’s 75, who’s just awesome. He was laughing. He was, like, shocked. He was freaking out. He was kind of scared. And this isn’t really his type of movie,” Scott explained. “It’s funny, it’s dark. There’s a little bit of wish fulfillment.”

The Wrath of Becky hits theaters on Friday, May 26.

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