South Korean Digital Comics Publisher Manta to Offer Spanish-Language Editions

Manta, the South Korea-based digital comics publisher, announced today the platform will begin offering its content in the Spanish language.

The Jan. 18 soft launch of the service marks Manta’s latest move toward global expansion as the platform grows in popularity among Spanish-language readers. A full launch is expected to follow suit, though an official date has yet to be disclosed.

“Over the past two years, we have seen extraordinary growth of Manta’s popularity in the U.S., where digital comics are continuing to generate buzz as an exciting source of great storytelling,” said Kisik Bae, founder and CEO of Manta. “What we have also noticed is the passion for our content in Latin America, which is why we are choosing Spanish and Latin America as our first push for global language expansion beyond English.”

Within four months of Manta’s November 2020 debut, the company rapidly became the No. 1 comics app in the U.S. on the Google Play charts. English-language comics on Manta, including fan-favorites like “Under the Oak Tree” and “Finding Camellia,” have amassed over eight million downloads as of October 2022.

As Manta cements its place alongside comic giants, the offering of its content in the Spanish language is aimed at spreading Korean pop culture to Latin American countries and increasing the subscription-based platform’s global traffic.

Indeed, Manta’s push is another sign of South Korea punching above its weight in terms of reaching a broad swath of global viewers with distinctive content, as Variety chronicled last year in a special report on the K-culture explosion.

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