Sophie, Countess of Wessex, shows body language trait that made Diana ‘so popular’

Sophie Wessex ‘very sensible’ with royal charity work says expert

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 55, and Prince Edward have two children together, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn. The family keep their life quite private although Sophie and Edward have a number of interests in different charities which means they’re often out and about. An expert has commented on the Countess’ body language and claims that she shows “practical confidence”.

Sophie is patron to more than 70 charities and organisations including Childline and the London College of Fashion.

Throughout the pandemic, the royal has helped out at several, with her most recent charity visit being to the Shooting Star Children’s Hospices shop in Hampton.

As well as appearing with Edward, Sophie is a working member of the family, which means she also attends events on her own.

She splits her time between her own work and in support of The Queen.

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Speaking to, body language expert Judi James said that Sophie shares similar traits to Princess Diana.

Judi explained: “Sophie still retains some of her more self-effacing signals in the form of some eye-glances to the camera or some grins that suggest shared humour rather than the normal pitch-perfect royal smile.

“It’s interesting that this tie-sign behaviour, where she seems to be sharing a joke with the cameras, is one of the traits that made Diana so popular.”

Sophie can be seen smiling and joking to the camera on a number of occasions including her visit to the Shooting Star Children’s Hospice as well as her visit in December to the Disability Initiative’s Resource Centre to mark International Day of People with Disabilities. 

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Before her death in 1997, Princess Diana became one of the most photographed women ever.

She was known for her beauty and kind nature, who helped many people through her charity work.

The expert also added that the Countess regularly shows signs of “practical confidence”.

Judi said: “As a low-key, working royal Sophie’s body language always suggested quiet and rather practical confidence but now that she has been upgraded to a much more high-vis, top-tier role in the firm, how have her confidence signals held up with the spotlight pointed firmly on her?”

While Sophie may show similar traits to Princess Diana, the body language expert also explained that they’re very different because Sophie lacks the “celebrity stardust” other royals like Diana, Kate and Meghan have.

She said: “Sophie’s more practical-looking poses, posture and walk borrow more from the Queen and Princess Anne.”

Judi also compared Sophie’s signature smile to Zara Tindalls.

The expert added: “Sophie bridges the royal generations in a way that late-comer Camilla will never do and although there is something William Cambridge-style modern in some of her informal, hands-on video appearances baking scones or picking up rubbish from the beach, she still looks like the keeper of the flame in terms of royal protocols.”

The Earl and Countess of Wessex took their children litter picking back in September on Southsea Beachwatch to help with the beach clean up.

The Countess’ most recent outing was when she and Edward attended a Corps of Army Music parade at Kneller Hall in Twickenham.

Pictured walking towards the camera, Judi said that Sophie shows signs that she is “bemused”.

The expert went on: “Her facial expressions as she greets the camera with her eyes suggest she’s still slightly bemused to be attracting so much interest but her more down-to-earth demeanour tends to reassure us that it’s not going to go to her head any day now.”

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