Shoppers rush to buy £39 air fryer that could help slash energy bills – and it's the cheapest on the market | The Sun

SHOPPERS have spotted a bargain air fryer for £39 – the cheapest on the market.

The deal is from Amazon, and it's a 2L Econo air fryer complete with a 30-minute timer.

The Econo 2L air fryer from Amazon uses 1,000W and costs just £38.99 – the cheapest we've seen for one this size.

It can cook up to 600g at once, has a maximum temperature setting of 200°C and has a 30-minute timer so you don't have to stand and watch it.

Customers were excited in the comment section, with one writing: "It cooks the food lovely. Very easy to clean and no nasty cooking smells."

Another praised: "It heats up very quickly – and I can cook a portion of scampi, or a fishcake, with some small potatoes in about 15 minutes.

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"I am positive this will pay for itself this winter."

Remember if you're buying this you might need to pay an extra delivery fee.

However, since the product is over £20, you can get free standard delivery if you don't mind waiting a week or so.

But make sure you shop around too in case you spot another fryer for less.

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You can use sites like to compare prices, or search on Google shopping.

For example, we found a Salter EK2817H 2L air fryer for £39 from B&Q.

It also uses 1,000W and has a 30-minute timer.

It might be useful if you'd rather go get the item yourself – you can find your nearest store using the locator tool on its website.

There's also a Salter EK2817 1000W Compact 2L Hot air fryer from the Robert Dyas website for just £39.99, down from £79.99.

It uses 1,000W, has a removable non-stick frying pan and also has a 30-minute timer.

Altogether you'd save £40, but don't forget added delivery charges.

Home delivery from its website will set you back a further £4.95.

How much does it cost to run an air fryer?

Don't get carried about with how cheap the purchase price is – remember, it also costs to run one.

Keep in mind the cost is different for everyone, as what you pay for electricity will depend on your tariff and also how large and efficient your appliance is.

Similar to any appliance, a newer model is likely to be more efficient, and be cheaper to run than an older version.

The power of an air fryer is measured in watts, and this determines how much energy it uses – and the cost of using it.

But the more powerful the appliance, the quicker it will cook your food too.

A 1,000W air fryer costs just 17p to run for 30 minutes and 34p to run for an hour.

While a 1,500W air fryer will set you back 26p for half an hour, and 51p for an hour's use.

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A 1,800W gadget costs around 31p for 30 minutes, and 61p for 60 minutes.

But it could still be cheaper than an oven – to find out, read our guide here.

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