Shanna Moakler Unfollows BF Matthew Rondeau After Her Celebrity Big Brother Eviction

Following her own eviction earlier this month, Teddi Mellencamp alleged that Matthew slid into her DMs not to hit on her, but to say some concerning things about Shanna: "You need to call me girl."

The drama might be sliding from the “Celebrity Big Brother” house and into the real world as eagle-eyed fans noticed that Shanna Moakler is no longer following her boyfriend Matthew Rondeau, whom she gushed over during her time on the inside. He does not appear to be following her, either.

It’s not a full scrub, though, as she still has pictures with him up on her feed, but it’s a notable change considering what allegedly happened earlier this month after Teddi Mellencamp became the first Houseguest evicted from “CBB.”

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Teddi and Shanna had grown close in the house, and it looks like Teddi still had her back even after she was blindsided and became the first celebrity given the boot. Earlier this month, speaking on her “Two T’s in a Pod” podcast with co-host Tamra Judge, Teddi said that Matthew slid into her DMs.

When Tamra asked if Matthew had made a pass at her while Shanna was still inside the house, Teddi insisted, “He was not hitting on me.” But, she also emphasized in a message to Moakler, “Shanna, when you get out of the house if he hasn’t told you anything, you need to call me girl.”

She also emphasized on the podcast that she had never tagged Matthew in any of her posts, so he would have had to seek her out to direct message her on Instagram. But according to her, Matthew reached out after she jokingly made the comment she wouldn’t have left her hat in the house had she known Shanna was going to help vote her out.

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“Obviously joking. It’s a beanie cap, I don’t care. It’s my bad attempt at humor,” Teddi said. “But he wrote, ‘You’ll never see that hat again’ and then something negative about her.”

Thinking he was joking, too, Teddi said she wrote back, “Oh, LOL. It’s not that big of a deal. In the big scheme of things, I couldn’t have made it those 11 days without her friendship.”

But he apparently wasn’t joking, with her saying “he continued on and on and on.” She didn’t go into specifics, but apparently she wants to talk to Shanna before things go any further with Matthew.

She noted that after her exchange with him, she saw in the media that he was purportedly out shopping for rings. “Now I have a little bit additional concerns for Shanna,” Teddi noted.

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As for being voted out first, Teddi holds no ill will, saying, “I’ll still talk to her because I know she’s playing the game hard because her family and her life. And, you know, she’s been wronged a lot of times, and I ultimately have empathy for her.”

There has been no indication if Teddi and Shanna connected shortly after Shanna’s eviction from the house on Monday night or not, but it is telling that within 24 hours, there appears to have been at least a public shift in what’s going on between Teddi and Shanna.

Shanna and Teddi will reunite on CBS live next Wednesday, February 23, at 8 p.m. ET for the “Celebrity Big Brother” finale where they’ll help vote for this season’s winner.

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