‘Running With the Devil’ movie review: A weak ‘Traffic’ rip-off

Nicolas Cage has had a pretty good run lately (see “Color Out of Space,” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last week), so it’s disheartening if not surprising to see him in this weak “Traffic” rip-off.

Like that film, it purports to be an incisive look at the complexities of the international cocaine trade; in reality, it’s a tiresome parade of gory and sexist cliches that are, frankly, insulting to a cast that includes Laurence Fishburne, Barry Pepper, Adam Goldberg, Leslie Bibb and Clifton Collins Jr.

The plot twists from writer-director Jason Cabell (“Smoke Filled Lungs”) will surprise no one, unless you’re truly blown away by the news that some monstrous humans are involved in the business of selling hard drugs.

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