RHOBH Star Garcelle Beauvais Addresses Ozempic Speculation

The reality star's fellow "RHOBH" cast member, Sutton Stracke, backed her up on Twitter.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Garcelle Beauvais is addressing speculation that she’s taking Ozempic.

Over the weekend, the reality star hit back at a fan on Twitter, who wondered whether or not she is one of the many in Hollywood who is using the anti-diabetes medication for weight loss.

On Saturday, Bravo shared a photo of Garcelle, 56, and her fellow “RHOBH” cast member, Sutton Stracke, riding in a car during an LA Pride event on Twitter.

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“(P)ride or dies,” the network wrote alongside the photo.

Among the replies was a tweet from a user who commented on Garcelle’s appearance. “Gracelle has slimmed down quite a bit,” the person wrote, before asking, “Ozempic?? Or healthy eating?”

Less than 10 minutes later, Garcelle chimed in and clapped back at the user, writing, “Don’t even start with that  ozempic thing I’m not playing with that!!!”

Sutton joined the thread and backed up her pal. “Gettem! 😽😽😽,” she tweeted.

The use of Ozempic and other prescription medications — which have been adopted by many for their weight-loss side effects — have become a hot topic in Hollywood. So far, many stars have criticized the drugs, fought back against accusations that they’re using it or have openly admitted they have no issue with the trend and have even tried it themselves.

Garcelle and Sutton’s fellow “RHOBH” cast member, Kyle Richards, is one such star who has made headlines over her comments about Ozempic as well as her response to speculation that she’s using a weight loss drug.

Kyle has continued to shut down users on social media who have accused her of using a weight loss drug to achieve her recent transformation, which she claims is from exercising and eating healthy.

Most recently, the Bravo star told Page Six that not only has she “never tried” a weight loss drug like Ozempic, but doesn’t plan to.

“I can say that I have never tried it and I have never taken it,” Kyle told the outlet last month. “I’m not on any weight loss drug. If you know me, you know I have terrible anxiety so that would scare me to death. I have never, ever ever taken it.”

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