Reddit users reveal the heart-warming green flags on first dates

How did YOU know you’d met the one? Reddit users reveal the heart-melting – and hilarious – signals they spotted on a first date that made them realise they’d fallen in love

  • Reddit post asked about the ‘green flags’ people had spotted on first dates
  • Many recall how embarrassing incidents made them laugh, and put them at ease
  • Men responded saying how women who paid on a first date impressed them

There are thousands of bad date stories, which are enough to make you wonder whether real love even exists… but we don’t hear so much about the good dates, the ones where there is a happy ever after.

However, when one Reddit user posed the question: ‘what are some green flags on a first date?’ people didn’t hold back.

The replies went from comical to heart-warming, and might restore faith in the fact that true love is still alive and well. 

Dozens of Reddit users shared stories of the positive first date signs that showed their current partner was ‘the one’. Stock image 

One proud husband recalled how his wife impressed him on their first date in high school

Many said humour had helped them connect with their current partner, with one writing: ‘On one of our first dates, he went to take a drink of his soda, and the straw went up a nostril and STUCK THERE!’ He tried to take it out suavely, but I already was laughing my a** off. He still remembers it with great embarrassment, and I still laugh.’

Despite his embarrassment, something must have worked as she added: ‘We just had our 25th wedding anniversary.’

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Free flowing conversation was another ‘green’ flag on a first date.   

 ‘A friend of mine hit it off in the car with her date that they ended up driving over two hours PAST their date destination,’ one user revealed. 


 Humour and free-flowing conversation were both picked out as key ‘green flags’ by couples

‘When conversation is that good, you’ve got a blaring green light! They’re married for around 15 years now.’

Another agreed: ‘My first date with my current girlfriend started as a casual meet up for a coffee but we ended up spending the whole day together because neither of us wanted it to end.’ 

Another said allowing a ‘caring’ nature to show through scored big points on a date. 

‘On our first date in high school, my wife tried to pay for the movie tickets and then the snacks at the movie,’ one man revealed. 

The thread of touching and heart-warming posts brought hope to many readers 

‘After the movie she gave me a big hug and we held hands while walking around the mall. We had our first kiss later that evening.

‘I think the green flags were how sweet and caring she is. That was 10 years ago but I will never forget how it made me feel.’

While others were funny and cute, with ‘ProbabablyMaybeben’ admitting that it was his fiances cat that did the deciding for her. 

He commenting saying that green flags went up, for him and his then girlfriend, when her the cat came to sit on his lap. 

He said: ‘Her cat hates everyone but loved me’.

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