Ranking The 10 Richest Actors To Portray The Doctor

Doctor Who is a British institution and at this point, one of the most iconic characters in the history of television, with the show becoming a global success, becoming one of the most popular shows of all time.

All in all, there have been 13 people who have been The Doctor since the character first hit the television screens, and while not all of them have been excellent, each one has brought something different to the role.

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Anytime a new Doctor is cast there is always a lot of hype and rumor about who it might be, with the casting being crucial, and within this article, we will rank the 10 richest actors to play the legendary role.

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10 Jon Pertwee

Jon Pertwee was the third person in history to play the Doctor, taking the role in 1970 and finishing up in 1974, having a great run as the character, creating some of the most iconic moments in the history of the show.

During his storyline, the Doctor was actually punished by his own race, the Time Lords, which was an interesting twist to what had come previously in the show and helped keep it fresh.

However, even though he did play the iconic Doctor, Jon Pertwee is best known for playing the comical, Worzel Gummidge, helping to grow his net worth to an impressive $1.6 million.

9 William Hartnell (Net Worth: $1.9 Million)

William Hartnell was actually the first-ever Doctor, helping to create a character that would become beloved around the world, holding the role for almost three years from 1963-1966.

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While Hartnell didn’t have the benefit of the fancy technology that is available nowadays to the show, he was still able to work wonders in the role, helping showcase the zany side of the Doctor’s personality.

This was a role of a lifetime for Hartnell and is what he was best known for when he sadly passed in 1975, but he was also well known for his role in the first Carry On film, which helped him establish a net worth of $1.9 million.

8 Peter Davison (Net Worth: $3 Million)

Peter Davison was the fifth Doctor in the history of the show, becoming the Time Lord from 1981-1984, having a host of companions during that period in what was a fondly remembered period of the show.

Davison’s version of the character was much less focused on the silly antics and jokes that other versions are well known for, instead, providing a more serious tone to the show using science instead.

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As well as being a Time Lord, Peter Davison also appeared in Law & Order: UK., Campion and A Very Peculiar Practice amongst many other roles, earning him a net worth of $3 million in the process.

7 Colin Baker (Net Worth: $5 Million)

Colin Baker was the sixth Doctor in history, having the role from 1984-1986, with his time in the role seeing the return of the Cybermen, which was something that many fans were very excited about.

Despite being the Doctor for a lengthy period of time, Baker’s time in charge of the character was actually the lowest-rated in the history of the show, which is something Baker admitted does hurt him.

People may also remember Baker from the hit reality show, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, where he was a camp mate during the 2012 series, which has helped him grow his net worth to $5 million. 

6 Christopher Eccleston (Net Worth: $6 Million)

When the decision was made to bring Doctor Who back in 2005, it was Christopher Eccleston who was chosen to take over as the Doctor, and even though he was only in the role for a couple of months, he did a great job.

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Had his performance as the Doctor not been as good as it was, who knows if the show would have continued to air, which makes him one of the most important people to play the character.

Aside from his brief run in Doctor Who, Eccleston has gained his $6 million net worth through roles in the likes of Shallow Grave, Thor: The Dark World, and 28 Days Later amongst others.

5 Jodie Whittaker (Net Worth: $6 Million)

The casting of Jodie Whittaker caused plenty of controversy amongst many people, as she became the first-ever female Doctor, which made no sense in reality because the character of The Doctor is actually a Time Lord, not a human, meaning it can take any form.

Whittaker has been fantastic as the Doctor so far, having added a totally different dynamic to the character which has breathed fresh air into the series, with Whittaker proving she was more than talented enough to earn the role.

As an actress, Whittaker has earned a net worth of $7 million, mainly being known for her performance in the show, Broadchurch as well as making appearances in shows such as Wired and The Smoke.

4 David Tennant (Net Worth: $7 Million)

In the opinion of many Doctor Who fans, David Tennant’s version of the character is considered to be the best of all time, with Tennant’s run in the Tardis being an incredibly popular and successful one.

Tennant brought a fantastic balance between humor and seriousness to the role, being part of some of the scariest and most emotional moments in the history of the hit television show.

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The Scottish actor has a net worth of $7 million and has been involved in some huge projects in his career, from Harry Potter to Broadchurch, but it is his role as the Doctor that has defined his career.

3 Matt Smith (Net Worth: $9 Million)

The responsibility of taking on the role of the Doctor following from David Tennant, who had taken the series to a new level of popularity was very high, and it was Matt Smith who stepped up to take that upon himself.

Smith continued on from Tennant and ensured that Doctor Who remained as popular as ever, being in the role for three years from 2010-2013, creating one of the most iconic versions of the character to date.

This role certainly helped grow Smith’s $9 million net worth and from then he has gone on to land major parts in Terminator: Genisys, and the popular Netflix show, The Crown.

2 Tom Baker (Net Worth: $10 Million)

Out of all the people who have taken the role of the Doctor, Tom Baker held the position longer than anybody else (to date), having been in charge of the Tardis for six years, holding the position from 1974-1981.

Baker was the fourth Doctor in history, and he still remains one of the most popular Doctor’s in history, having the responsibility of the role for seven seasons, with many also remembering him for his robotic dog assistant, K9.

Aside from being in Doctor Who, Tom Baker also starred in Nicholas and Alexandra, $10 million. which saw him gain two Golden Globe nominations and helped him create a net worth of

1 Peter Capaldi (Net Worth: $10 Million)

Peter Capaldi wielded the sonic screwdriver from 2013-2017, taking over from Matt Smith as Doctor Who, showing just how seriously BBC was taking the role, with Capaldi being one of the most recognisable names in the show’s history prior to taking on such a role.

With a net worth of $10 million, Capaldi has built his career well having appeared in the likes of In The Thick Of It, Walking Dead, Torchwood, and several movies including World War Z.

Capaldi’s version of the Doctor was very eccentric, but he was given some very deep work to deal with, which helped make his run as the character incredibly memorable.

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