Prince Harry tried to be ‘playful’ at BetterUp summit

Prince Harry took to the stage at answered questions at BetterUp’s Uplift Summit last night. It was the Duke of Sussex’s first public appearance since the announcement that his and Meghan Markle’s daughter, Lilibet had been christened at a home ceremony in California and now took the title of Princess. spoke to a body language expert who analysed Prince Harry’s interactions during the summit.

Prince Harry appeared alongside BetterUp CEO Alexi Robichaux for the live event that was held in San Francisco shortly after 1am UK time.

Body language expert Judi James looked at a couple of clips from the summit and noticed a more “playful” side to Harry despite the serious conversation.

She said: “Harry seems to want to provide a visual and verbal contrast from the rather slick style of his host here, aiming more for an appearance of playful, informal modesty.

“He even thumbs through his cue cards as his host speaks at length, finally getting up to pretend to walk away once he is allowed to speak.

“He seems to be driving it away from a sales pitch format here and onto something more authentic-looking.

“When he does speak though he adopts his signature expressive over congruent hand gestures to make his point, using clutching and circling gestures to suggest a keenness to sell his messages.”

In terms of the moment when Harry jokingly got out of his chair and walked off stage, it came as CEO Alexi Robichaux was talking about why Harry was the perfect CIO for the company.

Alexi said: We were very clear when looking at who are luminaries, who are leaders, who are people talking about this – there was a very short list, in fact that list was one person, Prince Harry.

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“And when we had the opportunity to meet Harry, it was a no-brainer.”

Alexi went on to say how Harry has been “focusing on resilience” for “a decade-plus”, referencing the Invictus Games and other non-profits the Duke has worked with.

“It was for us, a dream come true to work with you,” Alexi concluded.

Harry replied: “Thanks,” before getting up out of his seat and seemingly walking away before returning.

“I can probably finish that off, why did I choose BetterUP – because that was all that I was offered?” He joked.

“I think from my perspective, I guess my upbringing has always involved charity, and I’ve always seen charity as being downstream, that sort of good without the profit, and knowing you can still create profit for food.

“Amongst the options that were put in front of me, BetterUp really stood out from the rest, mainly because of the mission.”

Both answered audience questions about the work of the organisation, but at one point, Harry said some of the questions that were being put to them were “not appropriate” – the details of these questions are not known.

Harry’s role as CIO is just one of his newer roles since stepping back as a senior member of the Royal Family.

While his wage for BetterUp has never been disclosed, when he first was announced as working for the company there were reports he could potentially earn more than $3.5million a year.

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