Prince Charles and Camilla are greeted by Danny Dyer

‘Welcome to Watford!’ Prince Charles and Camilla are greeted by Danny Dyer in the first trailer of their cameo in a special EastEnders episode marking the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

  • Trailer was released today ahead of special EastEnders episode on June 2
  • In the show, Charles and Camilla will surprise the residents at a street party
  • Scenes were filmed in March when the royals visited the new Elstree set 
  • The party comes after Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer, decided on it 

The first look of Prince Charles and Camilla’s cameo in Eastenders has been revealed in a trailer released today.

In the trailer, the Prince of Wales, 73, and the Duchess of Cornwall, 74, surprised the residents of Albert Square as ‘mystery guests’ at a street party held to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne. 

As a car pulls up to the square, excited residents can be heard saying: ‘You have got to come and see this. These mystery guests’.

The royal couple are then greeted by Mick and Linda Carter, played by Kellie Bright and Danny Dyer, and introduced to the residents of Walford whom they raise a glass with in the trailer.

The first look of Prince Charles and Camilla’s cameo in Eastenders has been revealed in a trailer released today 

In the short trailer, the royal couple are greeted by an enthusiastic Mike, played by Danny Dyer, who welcomes them to the square  

Loud cheers then erupt as the characters meet the royals, and smile and laugh with them.

Elsewhere in the trailer, the cast hail their royal guests ‘amazing’.

It was previously reported there would be a scene involving Charles entering the Old Vic to be greeted by Mick.

Mick says: ‘Welcome to your great-great-great-grandmother’s boozer.’

But it is not clear what the prince says in reply, The Sun reported.

The scenes filmed in March featured the royals arriving on the square and meeting the pub owners, The Carters 

Mick had told the Square that special guests will be in attendance but the partygoers will be left in shock when they were greeted by the royals in the June 2 episode.

The scenes were filmed in March, when the royals visited the new Elstree set and met the cast and crew of the long-running BBC soap opera.

Speaking about her brush with royalty, Kellie said: ‘I did think what amazing sports that they are just willing to do it.

‘I just thought, ‘Wow, they’ve never done anything like this before’. They didn’t really know what to expect, I mean it must have been nerve-wracking for them and completely out of their norm.

‘So I just hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.’

As a car pulls up to the square, excited residents can be heard telling one another they have ‘got to meet the mystery guests’ 

Executive producer Chris Clenshaw added: ‘We are truly honoured to have both the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall appear in what is set to be one of EastEnders’ most special episodes.

‘Linda Carter is naturally in her element and giddy with excitement as their Royal Highnesses arrive in Walford, but it wasn’t just her, as for all of us at EastEnders it was an extremely special day that will go down in EastEnders’ history.’ 

Charles and Camilla appeared to have made a good impression on the rest of the cast and crew while visiting Elstree in March.

After meeting the royals, actor Letitia Dean, who plays Sharon Watts in the show, described the day as ‘very special’, noting that the prince had given her his coat to wear when she was cold on set.   

In the trailer, the couple can be seen chatting with some of the squares most famous cast members including Natalie Cassidy  

‘It was a very special day for all at EastEnders. As a company we are all incredibly proud of the show we make but to have a visit from the Royal family makes it all the more special,’ she said.

‘To have the opportunity to mark the Queen’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee with a visit from The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall was just beautiful and it will go down in EastEnders history,’ she added.

‘But it was made all the more special for me when The Prince of Wales handed me his coat to keep me warm – what a gentleman, what a couple, what as we say in EastEnders a proper family.’

The visit did not mark the first time the royal family has stepped onto the famous set.     

In  the scenes, which were filmed in March, Prince of Wales and Camilla raised a glass to the Queen to mark her Jubilee 

In 2001, the Queen visited soap queen Dame Barbara Windsor, who played Peggy Mitchell, on the EastEnders set.

The royal visitor stepped behind the Queen Vic, strolled around Albert Square and through the EastEnders street market, meeting stars of the show.   

The special Jubilee episode featuring Charles and Camilla is due to air on June 2.

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