Pregnant wife will let husband have sex with other people even when baby is born

A pregnant OnlyFans model who shares her husband with his other girlfriends has explained why she plans to keep their relationship open after their child is born.

Jess, 33, and Stephen DeMarco, 36, known on TikTok as @CliquebaitTV, regularly post videos about their open marriage. Some even feature Stephen's other girlfriends dancing with her or helping around the house.

But not many viewers seem to be able to understand their relationship dynamic and have expressed concerns about it getting too complicated for her child.

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Despite this, the blonde bombshell, from Florida, plans to keep the relationship open, for the simple reason that she'll need help when the baby comes.

In the video, which has gained more than 29,000 likes, the OnlyFans star wrote: "My husband has another girlfriend and I'm pregnant.

"Most other women can't understand why I do this but… I remember everyone saying 'it takes a village.'

"Yet most families in 2022 rely on one woman to do everything."

Jess, who is bisexual, has previously opened up about their relationship to News 24, saying that they share girlfriends and are "searching for the perfect woman to move in with them."

When asked if she was planning on keeping the relationship open after giving birth, she simply replied: "It takes a village."

However, viewers have still failed to understand as they took to the comments to tell her that she is enough and claim they don't know how she'll be able to explain it to her kid.

One user said: "Curious how this will be explained to the child later on in life lol."

Another added: "Uh no way not for me maybe for you."

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A third commented: "You don't need a village, you are enough, beautiful inside and out."

But others have been more supportive and encouraging, as one person wrote: "It really does take a village, and having more people to love and look after that baby is a beautiful thing. Keep doing what works for you."

Another added: "Your baby is going to be surrounded by so much love!!!"

A third said: "She's got a point here."


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