Playboy model ‘got cop fired’ over racy ‘arrest’ in lingerie and handcuffs

Busty Playboy model Francia James claims a police officer got fired for helping her film a social media skit where she was "arrested" with other models in lingerie.

The 33-year-old OnlyFans star, from Colombia, went viral after filming a video of herself and two other models doing a walk of shame in handcuffs after supposedly being arrested for walking around in public in skimpy underwear. The cop was seen walking behind the three women, who were donning matching underwear sets, in the video, which gained more than 1.4million views.

"Do you like bad girls or good girls? Who's gonna bail us out?" Francia James captioned the clip, which went viral online. But shortly after the model's gained traction, the officer, which was identified as Officer William Beeker, was investigated by The Miami Beach Police Department's Internal Affairs and was reportedly "relieved of duty".

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Francia James has since opened up about the incident as she appreared on the Pillow Talk podcast with Ryan Pownall discussing pivotal moments in her X-rated career. She said she felt "sad" about it as he had originally just asked for photos with the group.

She said: "That's a little sad. We were doing it by ourselves. We were almost done with it. And the police guy came out in his four Wheeler. He's like, 'Oh, can I take a picture with you ladies?'

"If you want to take a picture with us, why don't you be in our video? Next day, it went viral. My mom from Colombia called me. I saw you in the news over here."

Francia apologised to the cop for the consequences he faced but says the video worked out in the end because of him. "I'm sorry, but thank you for doing it at the time. I really appreciate you," she said.

Ryan Pownall joked the model "ruined his life" and that he will now "be working in malls". Articles had been posted online about the cop getting ivolved in the skit while on duty, with Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales branding the incident "disgusting" , "distasteful" and "highly offensieve."

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The curvy star added that she was "contacted by his lawyers" and she gave a statement begging them not to take action against him for the 15-second clip.

Although, Francia and her manager Garron James didn't see a problem with the clip. He said: "I really didn't see the issue. I don't think that there would have been an issue. It's just that it went all over the news and the city had to do something about it."

Officer Beeker had been with the Maimi Beach Police Department for 11 years when the clip went viral in October 2021. It is not clear what the outcome of the investigation was but his LinkedIn says he retired in August 2022.

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