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Peter Dinklage’s secret role in ‘50 Shades’

If the final installment of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” franchise was in any way better than its first two, we now know whom to thank: Peter Dinklage.

The “Game of Thrones” actor helped “Fifty Shades” stud Jamie Dornan practice his lines for the BDSM romance flick, Dinklage told Stephen Colbert Wednesday night.

The two became rather close as co-stars on the upcoming HBO movie “My Dinner With Hervé,” which filmed around the same time as re-shoots for “Fifty Shades Freed,” the third and final film adaptation of EL James’ popular book series. The sexy flick came out in February.

During their downtime, Dinklage, who played Tyrion Lannister on “Game of Thrones,” would pop into Dornan’s trailer and help him prepare for his role as Christian Grey, the brooding kinky love interest opposite Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia Steele.

“I would read the Dakota Johnson parts,” he tells Colbert in his appearance on “The Late Show.”

And you better believe the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actor committed to the role.

“I nailed it,” he said. “I really did.”

Fans of Dinklage, “Fifty Shades” and both went nuts over the mental image of the two running lines together. “I would pay good money to hear Peter Dinklage reading Dakota’s lines in 50 Shades with the voice of Tyrion Lannister,” one commented on the YouTube clip.

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