People share VERY scathing responses to unwanted texts from their exes

No love lost! People share VERY scathing responses to unwanted texts from their exes – including one woman who branded her former flame ‘Satan’

  • Snaps from textsfromyourex Instagram show savage responses from ex-flames 
  • One person told ex to stop reaching out because they are due to get married 
  • Another person asked: ‘Who is this?’ when a former flame said they missed them 

While some of us may be desperate to hear from an ex, others have no time to entertain their past relationships.  

A hilarious online gallery collated from the textsfromyourex Instagram account has revealed some of the most cutting responses people from across the globe have received when they tried to ignite a relationship with a former flame. 

The scathing messages include one person who said they were busy ‘for the rest of their life’ when an old lover asked to meet up, while another saved their previous partner’s name as ‘Ew’ on their phone.

Elsewhere, a further savage exchange came when an ex sent a text saying they missed their previous partner, who simply replied: ‘Who is this?’ 

Talk to you never! This savage response saw one person, believed to be from the UK, claim to be busy forever in a bid to avoid talking to a former flame 

Maybe later! Another user, from an unknown location, made clear there was never a good time for an ex to contact them for a chat 

Ouch! Another person, from the UK, appeared to have deleted their ex’s number and replied: ‘Who is this?’ when they received a text from them 

Don’t hold back! One person, believed to be from the UK, didn’t hold back on their feelings towards their former flame when they branded them the devil 

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Cutting! Despite their former flame declaring their love three times, this person’s attitude would not be swayed as they simply replied: ‘Got it”

Not interested! One person, from the UK, saved their previous partner’s name as ‘Ew’ and replied: ‘Oh f*** not you again’ when they tried to reach out 

A dose of sarcasm! One person, from the UK, who revealed they couldn’t get their previous lover out of their head didn’t get the answer they were looking for when they were told to try ruining someone else’s life 

Off the market! Reaching out to someone who is taken is never easy, but this person, from the UK, got rejected when their ex announced they were getting married 

To the point! One person, from the UK, made their feelings known when they clearly said they didn’t want to talk to the person who text them 

Maybe next year! This post shows a person, from the UK, hilariously rejecting an ex’s proposal for them to speak more 

Covering all occasions! One person, from the UK, made sure they were covered for a year’s worth of unwanted interactions by wishing their ex a happy birthday, New Year and merry Christmas

That backfired! Someone, believed to be from the UK, shared their break-up texts where they said they might have been to blame – only for their ex to agree 

It’s a sin! Another post shows someone, from the UK, pretending their phone doesn’t answer calls from ‘the devil’ after being contacted by an ex 

 It’s over! In a hilarious text, this person, believed to be from the UK, declares they’re giving the relationship ‘up for lent’ after a former love asks to get together soon 

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