Pensioners pay £230 for taxi home from filthy hotel room with ‘sewage manhole

A pensioner couple forked out £230 for a taxi home from their 'filthy' hotel room with a 'sewage manhole', they said.

Christine Bourne, 72, and her husband Terry booked to stay at Liverpool's Adelphi Hotel after spotting an advert in a local paper.

The couple, from Worcester, had planned to say four nights, but cut their trip short and paid a Delta taxi to take them home after changing rooms three times.

Mum-of-two and grandmother-of-three Christine, who works part time as a secretary, told the Liverpool ECHO : "We arrived on the afternoon of Monday September 9.

"They gave us an envelope with our key and told us which floor we were on so we went up. We opened the door and straight away Terry and I looked at each other and we said 'there is no way we could sleep in that."

"It was filthy dirty, and it smelled dreadful, like someone had been sick or peed on the floor. It looked like it had never, ever been refurbished."

Christine and Terry, a retired barber, walked straight back down to reception to ask to be moved, and were offered a smoking room on the fifth floor.

Christine said: "We went and had a look. There was a great big hole in the window-sill and it was the same, filthy dirty.

"I didn't really want to get in the bed but I thought 'we have got to lay our heads somewhere'."

The couple braved the night in the smoking room, but in the morning asked to be moved again and even offered to pay extra for an upgrade.

They said staff at the hotel agreed to upgrade them for no extra cost, and they spent Tuesday seeing the sights in Liverpool.

Christine and Terry returned later that afternoon expecting to find a much improved room.

She added: "We walked into the room and oh my god it was awful.

"The headboard on the bed was not attached to the wall and there was a manhole in the bathroom that was loose, with the stench of raw sewage coming from it.

"I didn't want to step on it because it was held down with tape, so to use the toilet I had to step around it because I was scared of falling through."

The couple complained again and were shown a room with two single beds, but Christine said even the porter told them: "I can't put you in there."

She said: "It was filthy dirty, all the furniture was broken. The carpet had not been hoovered and it just smelled terrible."

Rather than move again the couple decided to cut their losses and leave on Wednesday morning.

Christine said they looked at other hotels but could not find somewhere that was not booked up.

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