Nudists enjoy fish and chip dinner on naked canal cruise

(Picture: Dilantha Dissanayake/Caters News)

Guests climbed aboard the 42-seater boat The Shropshire Star to enjoy a proper fish and chip supper with drinks from the bar.

As you can guess, there was a strict no clothes rule on the boat.

Organiser John Rodgers said: ‘A naturist environment inspires freedom, body positivity and has been proven to make people happier, improving mental health and wellbeing.

‘It is a positive family lifestyle.’

If you are keen to ditch the clothes and give naturism a go, you can of course start with just wondering around your house in the buff, but there are also quite a few public events you can get involved in.

(Picture: Dilantha Dissanayake/Caters News)

A naked brunch 100ft above London is coming soon, there are multiple restaurants where nudity is encouraged, and if you really fancy going the whole hog, you can head to Jamaica for a stay at a swingers resort with a nude beach and pool.

Or you can get in touch with British Naturism to see what they’re planning.

The organisation regularly runs nude holidays as well as naked day trips with cycling, swimming, and more.

If it’s the fish and chips you’re after, we’d recommend keeping the clothes on when you go to your local chippy, then stripping off at home to enjoy.

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