No red tape here! These health and safety fails will make you wince

Shocking snaps reveal health and safety fails that will make you wince

  • Hilarious images show the times people decided to ignore safety regulations
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We’ve all come across safety regulations in the workplace that make us roll our eyes – but for the most part, we accept that they’re in place for our own protection.

But for some adrenaline junkies, health and safety is merely an afterthought – and they flagrantly disregard any measures designed to keep them out of trouble.

Bored Panda has collated images from around the world showing daredevil workers as they ditch proper health and safety instructions to do their own thing.

From potential inexperience to downright laziness, many of these photos will have you wincing – or rolling around with laughter, depending on your sense of humour. 

In one instance, a worker dressed in reflective gear seems to be having a cheery old time while he rests unrestrained at the back of a truck.

Seatbelt anyone? Posted to US forum Reddit, this man is risking it all for a little quiet time with his mobile phone

In another, a gentleman tried to add a sprinkle of excitement into his working day by tying himself feet-first to a forklift and raising its prongs into the air.

Meanwhile,  one man appears to be in danger as his colleague operates a digger tractor just inches away from his head. 

Perhaps one of the most concerning images is one of a defibrillator which an employee has  stamped with the label ‘do not use’. 

Here, FEMAIL takes a look at some of the most outrageous health and safety fails around the world… 

This mechanic in America appears to be hanging upside down from a piece of equipment in an auto shop – although we’re not quite sure why

Danger ahead! This man looks nonchalant while his colleague operates a digger tractor just inches away from his head

This image, which isn’t particularly amusing, shows a defibrillator, which is a life-saving piece of medical equipment, which appears to be out of use 

This image, taken in the US, is slightly unclear – however it appears to show two boys at the top of a telecomms pole. They appear to have reached it by climbing up a ladder that had been placed in the elevated shovel of a digger

Taken in the heat of summer, this photo shows a man favouring comfort over safety as he takes  a precarious position on the trunk of a tree while operating a chainsaw

Balancing act! Believed to be in the Philippines, this air conditioner technician shows no concern for his safety

This eerie – yet comical – image is reminiscent of a Final Destination movie. You can’t escape the dreaded feeling that the circular metal object at the side of the vehicle could go flying off at any moment

It seems some daring individuals would rather ignore the rules than follow simple safety instructions

It’s not clear how these storage containers are still standing as they’re resting on a pile of wooden pallets – but it looks like they could collapse at any moment

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