No Emily In Paris! US expat living in France shares 'shoe box' reality

Emily In Paris gets it VERY wrong! American woman living in Paris reveals STARK reality of life in the French city as she shows off her ‘shoe box’ of an apartment that is too small for a BED

  • Influencer Caleb Simpson asked an American expat for a tour of her Paris digs
  • Her apartment, priced about $800 per month, spans all of 129 square feet 
  • While some people balked at size, others fawned at her top-floor balcony

An American expat living in Paris has shared a glimpse inside her tiny apartment in the iconic French city – and it’s nothing like Emily In Paris.

In the 40-second video, Hailey Touchet agrees to let popular creator Caleb Simpson tour her living quarters after he approaches her on the sidewalk.

Caleb, 31, is known for his signature real-estate videos that see strangers open up their homes for him to explore.

The routine, perfected over the past few years in NYC, has garnered him more than seven million followers on TikTok alone.

Hailey Touchet, who works as an au pair in Paris, agreed to let influencer Caleb Simpson, 31, see her apartment

The apartment’s footprint is all of 129 square feet, she explains

In introducing Caleb to her Paris pad, Hailey shares that the 129-square-foot studio she rents, which is located in Paris’ historical 5th arrondissement, sets her back €750 per month – just a tad over $800.

‘Oh my god, it is a shoebox,’ Caleb exclaims upon walking in the front door.

He quickly adds: ‘It’s actually pretty nice.’

Hailey mentions she works as an au pair. 

The job, which generally comprises being a more-or-less live-in nanny for a family, fetches a minimum salary of €320, or a little under $350, per month in the City of Lights, according to AuPairWorld.

That said, employers are also expected to provide accommodations and food for full-timers.

Continuing the tour, Hailey then demonstrates to Caleb how her couch folds out into a bed, which looked to be roughly equivalent to an American full-sized mattress.

Elsewhere in the apartment is ample closet space and kitchen storage (albeit not enough room for a microwave).

Does Hailey’s couch double as her bed? Indeed it does, the TikTok reveals

Another perk: The living accommodations include ample closet space (left), but not a lot of room in the kitchen (right)

On the surface, Hailey’s lifestyle as a young American woman living in France garnered comparisons to Netflix’s hit show Emily In Paris (pictured)

@Hailz Location, Paris (5th)

Caleb then prompts: ‘I gotta bring up the Emily In Paris thing. Did you watch the show?’ 

Hailey responds: ‘Of course! I watched it before and then I watched it again [while] I was here.’

He then asks her: ‘Was it the dream to move to Paris or no?’

She then answers in a voiceover she has ‘absolutely loved it,’ with a parting shot of her standing on her balcony – revealing her apartment to be on the top floor of her building.

Amid Hailey’s apartment tour, Caleb deems the bathroom ‘very nice’

Many commenters agreed that the apartment’s ultimate saving grace is its view. Pictured is the entrance to Hailey’s balcony

Hailey’s apartment is in the style of what is known as a chambre de bonne, which translates to ‘maid’s room’

According to Bloomberg, the space is called a chambre de bonne – or ‘maid’s room’ – and was historically reserved for live-in hired help.

It was unclear, however, if the family that Hailey works for lives below her in the building.

After the TikTok went live earlier this month, some commenters balked at the size, with one writing: ‘I would never.’

Many more, however, fawned over the relatively low price given the chic, centrally located neighborhood and the view from her top-floor balcony.

Hailey’s apartment proved to be far less roomy than the comparatively spacious pad that Emily inhabits in the series

Emily and Mindy are pictured in the titular character’s living space in the Netflix TV show

Mindy, portrayed by Ashley Park, sits on Emily’s couch in her apartment

Viewers flooded the comments with their hot takes on Hailey’s Paris living situation

 ‘Okay but the balcony makes it worth it for me,’ one comment read.

‘[T]hat’s such a cute home omg,’ another gushed of the sleekly minimalist digs.

‘Okay the balcony makes up for it though. Those views must be magnificent,’ another enthused.

‘Paris is really expensive now. This is a great deal!!’ an armchair real-estate appraiser chimed in.

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