New Covid symptom strikes at night as 1 in 10 with BA.5 Omicron strain suffer | The Sun

BRITS have been urged to be on the look out for a new Covid symptom – especially at night.

Most people with the current Omicron variant, BA.5, have experienced signs similar to the common cold.

But now medics have revealed that night sweats have emerged as a common sign, with more than one in 10 people being affected by them.

However, it's not the first time this symptom has impacted those unlucky enough to catch the bug.

When the Omicron variant first reared its ugly head in December last year, many people said they had 'drenching' night sweats – the sort that you wake up with wet clothes from.

Now experts say that as the virus continues to evolve, the symptoms are likely to shift.

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Simon Williams, of the Swansea University said some of the classic signs have become less common.

“Of the initially – or longer-established symptoms – of fever, continuous cough, and loss of smell or taste – only fever is currently still amongst the most common symptoms," he told the i.

Omicron has previously been found to be milder than variants that came before it such as Delta and Alpha.

That combined with the mammoth roll out of vaccines across the UK, along with prior infections has helped Brits get back to a normal way of living – without any restrictions.

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Experts this week highlighted that people with common cold symptoms like have the bug.

There are currently twice as many people in the UK with the virus than with a cold – so the chances your tickly throat is Covid is higher than ever.

Professor Tim Spector, founder of the Covid Zoe Symptom Tracker App, has warned that feeling tired and having a sore throat might be signs of the illness.

“Symptoms [for Covid and a cold] are much the same except with Covid you are generally more fatigue and have sore throat – so best to assume it’s Covid,” he explained. 

“There are twice as many Covid cases as common colds – the ratio has never been so high,” he said. 

“Hopefully this wave will be over soon," he added.

Experts at the app revealed that 58 per cent of people with coronavirus experience a sore throat, while 47 per cent have a headache. 

The most recent data shows that around 43 per cent of people will suffer a cough, 41 per cent blocked nose and 39 per cent a runny nose.

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