‘My teeth are not your concern’: Boy George teeth transformation divisive years on

Boy George discusses changes needed in the music industry

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Boy George had veneers put on his teeth in 2020. The star has received both backlash and praise for his new look.

The star’s teeth now have a whiter, more even appearance.

However, it seems that many fans are concerned that his teeth are part of what makes Boy George who he is.

In an age of filters, veneers and cosmetic ‘tweakments’ and treatments, some fans wish he had left his teeth alone.

Others have commented that his voice has altered, which has worried some fans who love his singing.

It is unknown why Boy George opted to have his teeth transformed.

There is some speculation that they had been damaged during his heroin addition.

The star got clean on March 2, 2008.

Typically, when Boy George initially revealed his new teeth, many took to social media to comment on the star’s transformation.

In 2020, Twitter user @Mellon56 stated: “I always like your English tea teeth. I was proud of you, but theses look good too. Lol.

“I first thought it was a filter. Lol. Love you madly, looking forward to seeing you in person again, I need new pic. Wait til I show you.”

Boy George himself responded to the tweet: “My teeth are not your concern.”

He later apologised for his “out of line” comment, but several fans of the singer had already taken to the platform in the singer’s defence.

@AnnetteS218 stated: “Omg you are so patient with all these comments. I admire you.”

@tinarice77 seconded this: “It’s not about the teeth, it’s about the smile, and I love that we’re seeing lots of that gorgeous smile lately.”

But years later, many still cannot get over Boy George’s new smile.

Under a Facebook post announcing his teeth transformation by BOY George & Culture Club History, Derek Connell commented: “Looks like Cheshire cat – absolutely ridiculous- too big and too white.”

Patti Mckinley believed that the star’s old teeth were synonymous with him.

“I wish he wouldn’t have done it. He looks so different.”

Simon Daniel Bisogno asked: “Has he borrowed them from Rylan?”

However, Fuego Beltane commented: “Gorgeous George!!!”

And another fan, Lexie Hitchcock, was more concerned with another aspect of his appearance: “Like this picture – still miss the long hair.”

On May 3, he appeared on This Morning and many commented on his teeth transformation after watching him on the daytime show, with concerns that the veneers had altered the performer’s voice.

@747flyboy asked: “What’s going on with boy George’s voice? Has he had new teeth?”

@clairelt83 also took to Twitter: “Those teeth are too big for Boy George’s mouth! lol #ThisMorning.”

@TashAmaka tweeted: “So Boy George not gonna apologise on behalf of his hefty teeth for his slurred speech #thismorning.”

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