‘My look is so extreme people call me a murderer and spit – but I don’t care’

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    A body modification addict who is unrecognisable in old snaps that ‘make them feel sick and ugly’ revealed disturbing reactions they get in public.

    Jessy Kirkpatrick, 27, lives in a conservative state and their extreme look makes them stand out.

    Some parents have even accused them of being a murderer while other mums have ripped their kids away from them for getting too close.

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    They proudly have stretched earlobes and huge nostril plugs as well as having tattoos on their face and neck.

    But their signature piece is two silicone horns on their forehead that makes some kids run away in terror.

    And opening up to Daily Star about sinister encounters with strangers, they said: “I wouldn’t even know where to start…

    “I get sneered at, flipped off at, spat at, talked down on, laughed at, stalked around stores and judged as if I’m stupid or uneducated.

    “I’ve also been asked ‘how much do you charge for your services’ and I get random pictures and videos taken of me without my consent.

    “I’ve even had the Bible shoved in my face telling me that I’m going to hell and God is disappointed in me.

    “I’m an atheist so it doesn’t bother me but anything negative you could think of happening to a person has happened to me.”

    Citing further examples, they added: “I’ve had multiple shopkeepers assume I’m trying to steal.

    “I had the entire store of a Penera whispering and pointing at me when I was trying to get a tea.

    “People assume I’m a criminal, a satanist, rude, mean or heartless just for the way I look. People even judge me before I open my mouth.

    “I used to babysit one of my friends’ children and once when I picked them up at school the parents assumed that I was a murderer and refused to let me near the group of parents and kids.

    “I had to wait out near the street.”

    Thankfully, Jessy is a strong character and such abuse and misconceptions have minimal impact on them.

    And they even said they understood why some people target them for their aesthetic.

    They added: “Humanity is a very social hierarchy and we’re a social species and there will always be norms on the basis that that’s how it’s always been.

    “So it would make sense that I’m different and people will take every chance they can to push me into the dirt.

    “Little do they know that it doesn’t bother me.

    “People will always judge if you’re different and they will smack labels on your forehead to try and shame you to others.

    “But again, it doesn’t bother me. Most people just blow out smoke and when I ignore them they get just as mad.”

    Jessy is from Kansas, US, and their body mod transformation was inspired after they admired their cousin for having stretched earlobes.

    They now run a website called Body Art At Large where they offer tips to other people interested in making extreme alterations to their bodies.

    Jessy also has a big social media presence – which is another place where people try to tear them down.

    They explained: “If I got paid a dollar for every time someone dragged my videos online telling me how I can breathe in 4k or breathe through colours through my nose, I’d be rich.

    “They ask how I eat, breathe, swim and my favourite is people sharing my videos going on and on about how I could ruin how beautiful I used to be.

    “I can’t really pinpoint and tell you which ones are worse, men or women, but I’d say it’s about 50/50.”

    Despite keyboard warriors telling them they ruined their beauty, Jessy believes the opposite is true.

    They described their old self as looking “weird” and they “felt extremely ugly”.

    Jessy said: “I believe there’s power in being completely yourself and not caring about others’ judgement and to move beyond the insults of those who don’t understand you and to show the world that you love being you.”


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