‘My husband went on a golf trip three weeks after my C-section’

Giving birth is a physically demanding experience, whether it’s through vaginal delivery or a C-section. Recovery takes time, and having a support system at home can make the process much easier.

Unfortunately, one new mom found herself feeling abandoned when her husband decided to go on a golf trip just three weeks after she gave birth via C-section.

The mom expressed her disappointment and called her husband “selfish” for prioritizing his golf trip over supporting her during the recovery period.

She explained that her husband had been on paternity leave since the birth of their third child and had taken care of their other two children, aged four and six, while she focused on their newborn.

However, just three weeks after coming home from the hospital, her husband packed his bags and left for a two-day golfing holiday with his friends. This left the mom to take care of all three kids by herself, in addition to handling household chores that her husband neglected during his paternity leave.

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In a post on Mumsnet, she shared her frustration, stating that she had recently undergone major surgery and missed out on her own annual trip with friends due to giving birth.

She mentioned that her husband had been helpful with laundry, dishes, and caring for the older children while she rested with the baby. However, she pointed out that essential tasks like cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming hadn’t been done in weeks.

She saod: “He’s been on paternity leave and has been keeping up on the laundry and dishes mostly, and taking on the care of the older two, letting me nap with baby etc. I’ve only just been cleared to start doing any type of housework.

“I hate to nag, but the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned in a month, the carpet hasn’t been vacuumed in weeks, and kids’ toys and dirty clothes are everywhere.

“I’m able to do more now, but bending and squatting are still painful, and it’s stressing me out thinking of trying to play catch up. It’s upsetting because I worked so hard to have everything spotless and up to date before I had the baby and it’s all going to rack and ruin now.”

The mom admitted that her husband had arranged for his mother to help while he was away but still believed it was selfish of him to leave her alone after major surgery.

She expressed feeling exhausted and in pain, watching him pack his golf equipment while she struggled with daily responsibilities. Although her husband assured her that he would help with housework upon his return, she couldn’t help but feel frustrated by the current state of their home.

Mumsnet commenters overwhelmingly supported the mom, sharing their own frustrations and criticizing her husband’s actions.
One person wrote: “I’d be furious. Sick of men being applauded for doing the bare minimum,” while another added: “Ask him not to go. A morning playing one round locally is perhaps reasonable, not time away overnight.”

A third posted: “It takes at least 6 weeks to recover from your surgery and he has left you with three dependants. That to me is just plain unacceptable.”

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