My grandad lent me money to do up a house – but now he wants half my profit

DEAR DEIDRE: MY grandad lent me £20,000 to do up a house but now he wants the loan back plus half of my profit.

He divorced my nan 25 years ago. He’s 67 and minted because he’s a shrewd businessman.

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I’m a 24-year-old labourer and I worked for a builder but was let go during the pandemic.

I managed to buy a terraced house during lockdown for a steal at auction, and he stumped up the money for materials.

A mate helped me and I’ve now sold it making £36,000 in clear profit, even after paying Grandad back.

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I wanted to put the money into my next project.

Nothing was in writing. Do I have to give him half my profit?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Not without written evidence agreeing an interest rate or percentage share of the profit.

If you’ve paid back the loan, there would be no case to answer in a court.

You won’t want to leave a bad feeling though. Could you make a monetary gesture?

And if he invests in your next project, agree on the terms in advance.

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