My boyfriend wants me to go on top during sex but I don't feel comfortable | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend wants me on top when we have sex but I don’t feel confident about it.

He says he appreciates looking at me from below, but I’m so self-conscious that I worry he can see my ­wobbly stomach and sides.

I feel more at ease lying on my back so my tummy is flat, and I think my boobs look better, too.

I think he’s getting fed up with me as he keeps saying he wants more fun. I’m 22 and he is 23.

At first, sex with him was great but he’s getting bored now and wants a lot more variety.

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We split up once and I don’t want to lose him again.

How can I improve our sex life and make him happier?

DEIDRE SAYS: Having good sex is about having good communication.

Ask him to show you what he would like you to do but say you need positive feedback to build your confidence.

I’m sending my support pack How To Thrill A Man In Bed and another, ­Raising Your Self-Esteem, to help you.

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