Mum-to-be ‘burst into tears’ as unborn son mimics her late grandad in the womb

A mum-to-be has spotted that her unborn son is already mimicking her late grandad by interlacing his fingers while in the womb.

Samantha Stoney said she "burst into tears" after noticing the unborn tot's pose was the same way Arnold Spencer would sit when she went to visit him every day.

Photos show the 87-year-old sitting with his hands resting over each other under his chin and fingers interlinked between each other – in the exact same pose as Samantha's baby in the 4d scan.

The 29-year-old, from Leyland, Lancashire, said she was very close with Arnold and used to visit him daily for a chat before he died in January 2017.

When Samantha found out she was pregnant with her first child in June, she was sure that Arnold would have been thrilled to be a great-grandad.

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When her son appeared to mimic her grandad's pose during his 26-week scan, Samantha burst into tears as she felt it was a sign from Arnold that he was looking down on them both.

Samantha said: "It felt amazing seeing the scan. When I first saw it, I started crying because I didn't know what to expect.

"My grandad died two years ago, and I spent every day with him. For 27 or 28 years, I went around to see him every single day.

"Even if it was just for five minutes, I would go around to see if he was okay.

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"He was always sat in his chair with his fingers together. I was very close to my grandad. He was always there for me and he only lived around the corner.

"When we went for the 4D scan at the clinic, I thought, 'that's my grandad'. It was an instant reaction.

"It made me cry happy tears. I could see the comparison between them, and knew that my grandad must be looking down [on us].

"I definitely feel like it is a sign from my grandad. I think he would have liked to have been a great-grandfather.

"I'm not sure if he looks like him yet. My son seems to be cheeky. I've got another scan picture where he's pulling his tongue out. My grandad was like that, always having a laugh and giggling.

"I really just can't wait [to be a mum]. It's going to be an amazing experience. I don't know what to expect with it being my first child. It's overwhelming and exciting."

The mum-to-be's pregnancy has been smooth so far and Samantha claims her grandad is "definitely watching out for me".

Now she plans to tell her son all about his great-grandad – and show him photos of their same pose in his baby scan.

Samantha, who works as a shopkeeper, said: "The pregnancy has been really good. When I first found out I was pregnant, I didn't have any morning sickness.

"I've got no stretch marks . I'veThe 29-year-old cried happy tears when she say the 4d scan. It's been really good.

"A lot of people suffer during their pregnancies. I've been good. My grandad is definitely watching out for me.

"I think my grandad would be very, very happy for me and he'd spoil him. He always used to spoil us.

"There aren't many boys in our family so I think he'd be really happy.

"He would have liked to show him what he used to do when he was younger.

"We've got nearly everything ready now, we're just waiting for him to come.

"I've shown my friends [the pictures] and said, 'isn't this strange'.

"My friends say, 'it's very strange, he must be looking down on you'.

"My son will know about my grandad. I'm going to show him the picture of the two of them like the side by side comparison.

"My mum has my grandad's medals, so I'd like to show him those.

""Obviously I will take him to the grave too."

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