Mum mortified after hotel receptionist asks if husband is joining trip with kids

A woman was left horrified by a hotel receptionist's response after she booked a room for her and her two kids.

The 40-year-old mum revealed how she was taking her young children on a week-long break in June before their summer day camp.

She was planning a small trip with her family, who live in California, US, so she called the hotel to ask if there was an availability.

But she taken back by the receptionist's response as she was only booking for herself and her two children.

Now in a Reddit post she explained the situation as the hotel worker abruptly asked "where's your husband?"

She said: "I (40s F) have two elementary school age kids.

"They have a week break in June between school ending and their summer day camp beginning. I am trying to plan a tiny trip.

"We're in California."

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The woman added: "I called the hotel today said: 'Hi, I want to check your room availability – I'm looking for a room with two beds.

"'It's for one adult and two children'.

"The receptionist's follow up question was: 'Your HUSBAND isn't joining you?'"

And as you can imagine, the mum-of-two was horrified by the worker's intrusive question when she tried booking a room.

She continued: "Damn. Didn't realise I needed a fictional presence to endorse my trip."

The post racked up over 12,400 upvotes and 720 comments since the woman said "I didn't know I needed marital permission".

One person replied to the woman and wrote: "…I'm booking to go to his funeral. But thanks for asking."

Another added: "If you want to be absolutely horrible, 'No, sorry. Don't have time to dig up the grave this trip'."

Others blasted the receptionist for being so nosey, as one said: "It's none of their business."

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Another listed a number of reasons why the reply was out of order.

The Reddit user wrote: "Oof! I would be leaving a complaint for that one!

"1. You don't need a male escort to leave the house. Thus isn't Saudi Arabia.

"2. You could be a single mum or a widow. Neither one is the receptionist's business. 3. Husband? Maybe you have a WIFE."

The woman didn't explain much after the post but followers were on her side about how inappropriate the worker was.

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