Mum leaves Christmas tree up all year round as it brightens up ‘tough days’

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Now that Christmas is well and truly over, most Brits will have taken down their festive decorations.

However, one woman decided to delay this important task and instead has kept the tree up.

The female took her artificial tree down from the loft last March after the first coronavirus lockdown began.

Now since she first brought it down last spring, the tree has been chilling in her living room all year round.

She wrote on Facebook : "I got this tree down from the loft last March, when all this kicked off.

"I've made it into a rainbow tree, it was then an Easter tree, a birthday tree, a VE Day tree, a summer tree, Halloween and Christmas."

She added: "I decided to keep it up and decorated until this s*** show is over."

The woman has no plans to take the tree down and has shared photos of her latest theme – Valentine's Day.

It might be a month until the most romantic day of the year, but the mum is getting prepared.

The parent said: "Introducing my Valentine's Tree. This morning we did this and my seven-year-old loved it."

She added: "Can't beat fairy lights and a decorated tree to keep atmosphere in the home in these tough days. Sending you all love."

Since she posted it on Facebook in the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas group, it's no surprise that many users were keen on the idea.

One hailed: "What a super idea. I love it."

While another wished they thought of this idea before putting their Christmas tree away for the year.

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