M&S accused of ‘gentrifying scraps’ by selling the chip shop treat for £1.05

M&S was accused of “gentrifying” chip shop scraps when it started selling them for £1.05.

Journalist Tash Wynarczyk was surprised to see a picture of the product, so posted her thoughts on Twitter.

She wrote: “Can’t believe they’ve gentrified scraps”.

The post went viral, garnering 17,500 likes in a matter of days.

Many were horrified that Marks and Spencer are flogging bits of batter you can get for free.

A Twitter user responded: “When I used to walk to the chippy they’d give you a bag of scraps for free. Lovely with loads of salt and vinegar but don’t half make your fingers greasy.”

Another said: “£1.05?! Ridiculous. A scrap butty was a standard snack in the summer in Hartlepool after being on our bikes all day.

“We’d park up in the doorway ‘got any scraps?’

“Then we’d dump our bikes on the pavement, hand over 15p (for the bun, scraps were free) and then go in the back alley to munch it.

“Then it was time to go home for tea.”

A third wrote: “Scraps are supposed to be free. That’s the whole point of scraps.”

And a fourth added: “I can’t believe they’re charging £1.05 for something you get free from the chippy."

Despite the outrage, some said they wanted to buy the M&S product.

One Twitter user admitted: “Not gonna lie, I’d buy those.”

And a second said: “M&S always do know what’s tasty.”

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