Mother-of-22 Sue Radford updates followers on latest holiday in Dubai

Mother-of-22 Sue Radford updates followers on ANOTHER holiday – after taking an anniversary trip to Dubai which is ‘so incredibly clean’ and ‘smells so lovely’

  •  Sue and Noel Radford tied the knot back in September 1992 – 31 years ago
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Mother-of-22 Sue Radford has revealed that she has gone on holiday once more – this time visiting Dubai with husband Noel.

Sue, who hails from Morecambe in Lancashire, is known for starring in reality TV show, 22 Kids & Counting, on Channel 5.

As well as being mother to a huge number of children, she is also grandmother to a further 14 youngsters.

And she regularly courts controversy, showing off the lavish holidays and staycations she enjoys with her massive brood.

This time, she has taken an anniversary trip to Dubai, which she described in a now-deleted Instagram post as being ‘incredible clean’, adding that everywhere ‘just smells so lovely’.

Holiday-loving couple Sue and Noel Radford (pictured) have taken another trip  this time to Dubai – to celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary

The couple, Sue and Noel, recently celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary after tying the knot in September 1992. 

Sue has posted about some of the attractions she has enjoyed during her time away in a series of videos on Facebook. 

In her first vlog from the holiday, speaking into the camera during the first day of her and Noel’s holiday, Sue reveals that the couple are in Dubai having arrived late the night before.

Wearing a scarf wrapped around her head, Sue says the couple are about to do a camel ride.

She is then joined by Martin, also wearing a head scarf, who adds that they will also be going dune buggy bashing, in a four wheel drive vehicle. 

In another video, Sue shows a tour of the couple’s hotel room, showing off facilities like their coffee machine, and minibar, which they say they won’t be using, noting that snacks like crisps cost around £8 to buy. 

A further video posted on Facebook by the couple shows them visiting Burj Khalifa, which as tallest tower in the world is considered one of the top attractions to visit in Dubai. 

Noel, who admits he dislikes heights, says that being so high up is leaving his legs ‘feeling a little bit funny’. 

Sue (pictured) took to Facebook to show herself donning a headscarf as she took part in activities like camel rides and dune buggy bashing

The trip marks the latest in a long line of holidays for the couple, who often come under fire for the number of vacations they take with their large brood.

Last month, they enjoyed a ‘lovely weekend away’ at their motorhome just weeks after returning from a lavish Florida trip.

The staycation came just weeks after they returned from their 18th vacation in 20 months, where they splashed out an estimated £60,000 on a three-week break to the sunshine state.   

In the clip, believed to be posted directly online by Sue Radford, 48, the mother and grandmother said the family have faced a ‘full on’ schedule since returning from the luxury holiday.

She added that the brood needed a ‘recharge’, perhaps off the heels of the arrival of daughter Millie’s new bouncing baby girl, named Elodie-Jade. 

In a video posted to The Radford’s 517,000 followers, one of their granddaughters can be seen happily skipping about on the grounds of the camping site.

Captioning the video, Sue wrote: ‘She’s so funny. We had a lovely weekend away, we didn’t vlog as things have been so full on since getting back from holiday.

‘We just needed this weekend to recharge. Also I think you must be fed up with motorhome vlogs’ she joked.

In another clip, her husband Noel Radford, 52, and the couple’s daughter Katie, 20, appear to be having a swell time during a ‘competitive’ game of swing ball.

The pair can be heard having a lively conversation while Sue filmed them with her phone. 

She explained: ‘These two are so competitive although you should probably have seen me and hubby playing this.

‘The ball actually hit my head and thanks Noel, I should have ducked’.

Noel (pictured as the couple went dune buggy bashing) was also seen in the videos made by Sue, which included a hotel room tour

The action-packed visit seems to be just one of many the Radfords have planned for the rest of the year, with Sue hinting the next family excursion could be around the corner in October half term.

Admitting that their fans could be ‘fed up’ with their constant holidays, she wrote: ‘So it seems you all love the motorhome vlogs, thank you.

‘I’m sorry we didn’t film this weekend but if you like watching the motorhome vlogs  we will film the next trip in Betsy for you. We just don’t want you to be fed up with another weekend away.

‘Also trying to sort something out for October half term. I’m thinking a lovely @havenofficial trip with the family but which site? That is the question’.


Noel and Sue pictured with 18 of their children at Heidie’s christening 

Noel and Sue welcomed their first child together in 1989. The most recent addition to their super-sized brood was Heidie, born in April 2020.

Between them, the couple are parents to Chris, 33, Sophie, 29, Chloe, 27, Jack, 25, Daniel, 24, Luke, 22, Millie, 22, Katie, 20, James, 19, Ellie, 17, Aimee, 16, Josh, 15, Max, 14, Tillie, 12, Oscar, 11, Casper, ten, Hallie, seven, Phoebe, six, Archie, five, Bonnie, four and Heidie, two.

The parents tragically lost their 17th child Alfie in July 2014.

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