Most popular Royal baby names in the UK as Coronation fever hits nation

The Coronation is looming, bunting is appearing across Britain and street parties are set to go out with a bang.

With the UK gripped by royal fever, it's fair to say the Royal Family is on the brain with so many celebrations taking place.

But it turns out some people are being inspired by the royals in more ways than one, as new parents are naming their little ones after them.

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Prince George and Isla Phillips are said to be the biggest inspirations for parents choosing names for their little ones, according to new research.

Leading home and giftware company Wrendale Designs reviewed ONS baby names data to discover the royal names inspiring Brits when they’re naming their children.

With the Coronation of King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort, just a day away it’s no surprise that parents are seeking royal inspiration for their new borns.

The research found that George (inspired by the eldest son of the Prince and Princess of Wales) is the top royal pick for baby boys, with 4,141 little ones named after the second in line to the throne.

Father and son duo (Prince) Harry and (Prince) Archie come in second and third place in the royal name rundown, with over 6,000 new borns named after them in total.

For baby girls, Isla takes the crown as the most popular royal inspiration – with 2,683 little ones sharing the same first name as Isla Phillips, the daughter of Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly.

Coming in second is Lily following the birth of Princess Lilibet "Lili" Diana, and third is Mia, reflecting the late Queen’s Great-Granddaughter Mia Tindall.

Sienna, the daughter of Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mozzi, claimed the fourth spot in the top royal-inspired baby girl names.

The top 10 royal-inspired boys’ names in the UK

  1. George (Prince George of Wales)
  2. Harry (Duke of Sussex)
  3. Archie (Prince)
  4. Henry (Harry – Duke of Sussex)
  5. William (Prince of Wales)
  6. Lucas (Queen's Great-Grandson)
  7. Edward (Duke of Edinburgh)
  8. James (Earl of Wessex)
  9. Louis (Prince Louis of Wales)
  10. David (Second Earl of Snowdon)

The top 10 royal-inspired girls’ names in the UK

  1. Isla (The late Queen’s Great-Granddaughter)
  2. Lily (Princess)
  3. Mia (The late Queen’s Great-Granddaughter)
  4. Sienna (The late Queen’s Great-Granddaughter)
  5. Charlotte (Princess Charlotte of Wales)
  6. Zara (The late Queen’s Granddaughter)
  7. Beatrice (Princess)
  8. Sarah (The Duchess of York)
  9. Savannah (The late Queen’s Great-Granddaughter)
  10. Lena (The late Queen’s Great-Granddaughter)

Hannah Dale is founder of Wrendale Designs, who conducted the research.

In 2022, Hannah’s portrait of the late Queen sitting on a bench alongside Prince Philip and a corgi went viral on social media.

Commenting on the new findings, Hannah said: "It has been a bittersweet year for the Royal Family following the sad loss of Queen Elizabeth.

"However, the Royal Family continues to capture the hearts and imaginations of the British public, and this is evident in the rising popularity of baby names inspired by them.

"We always like to keep an eye on trends for newborns as they help to influence our own Little Wren range.

"King Charles’ commitment to environmental causes and his love of gardening are two of our biggest inspirations at Wrendale too and our own coronation range, featuring a portrait of the new King sold out online in record time.

"We’ve even jumped on the royal naming trend ourselves, naming our very glamorous giraffe plush ‘Camilla’."


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