Mom spent 20 hours detangling daughter’s hair after freak toy incident

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Guess they don’t call them Bunchems for nothing.

Twins Noah and Abigail Hoelzle, 6, were playing in their Churchville, Pennsylvania, home recently when Noah dumped a container of Velcro-like Bunchems toys onto Abigail’s head, creating a gnarly nightmare that took nearly a full day to untangle. 

The kids had just finished their day of virtual schooling and headed downstairs to play when Noah came running back upstairs to tell their mother, Lisa, that Abigail had something stuck in her hair.

“I think I had an out-of-body experience,” Lisa wrote in a now-viral Facebook post of the moment she saw Abigail’s Bunchem-filled hair. The spheres are meant to be stuck to one another — but an increasingly frustrated population of parents are finding that they’re anything but fun when they end up in kids’ hair. Countless reviews of the toys on Amazon warn moms and dads of the impending doom.

“She had about 150 of these things layered and matted in her hair,” Lisa wrote.

After some three hours of detangling, she’d only managed to remove 15 of them. A quick Google search suggested using conditioner and vegetable oil, but Lisa and her husband, Dan, found those only “made it worse and so messy.” 

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