Model with XGG boobs wants vaginal plastic surgery to ‘feel like a virgin again’

A curvy model has explained that she wants to get plastic surgery on her vagina to make her a “virgin” again.

Cris Galera, from Brazil, has found success on the site Close Friends – an adult content webpage.

And, the brunette beauty wants to hold the title of the “first virgin on the platform”.

The 33-year-old thinks that having a vaginoplasty will help her to gain more fans and sell more racy snaps.

She has already spent more than $100,000 on cosmetic surgery to get her desired figure.

But the busty model now hopes her latest surgical venture will make her some major money.

Cris said: “I'm looking for intimate surgery because I want to be the first virgin on the platform.

“I want to highlight this label on my profile.”

The Brazilian said that she is not afraid to do the procedure and is looking for a partnership to do it as soon as possible.

She added: “It's an idea that I'm sure will help me make more money with the platform."

According to BAAPS, “aesthetic surgery of the female genitalia, or 'designer vaginas', includes a number of surgical procedures designed to improve their appearance."

The expert adds: “It is claimed that, occasionally, sexual function may be enhanced.

“The availability of such surgery in the UK is limited.”

While "designer vaginas" aren't huge in the UK, Brazil is a world record-breaking country for intimate plastic surgery.

In 2016 alone, 25,000 Brazilian women sought to correct vaginal “imperfections”, according to data from the International Society of Plastic Surgery.

Options include labial reductions, vaginal tightening or liposuction “down there”.

Like with all surgery, there are risks associated with each procedure.

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Cris has previously claimed that one day she hopes to have the "biggest Instagram breasts" – and she’s already reached a size XGG.

Cris laughed: “Men want to have a big penis to give them more pleasure. I thought the same for my breasts.”

She added that she thinks it’s important to show off the part of your body you most love.

In her case, her boobs!

She commented: "I am passionate about my breasts, it is the part of the body that I like the most".

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