Miss BumBum boosts OnlyFans by 50% swapping booty pics for foot fetish snaps

Sexual fetishes are nothing new.

In recent years alone more people are open about their kinks.

One thing that crops up quite a fair bit is a foot fetish, simply because we all have feet.

Podophilia, the official term for a foot fetish, is popular among kinky platforms like OnlyFans.

And one model who has seen an increase in subscribers due to the kink is Brazilian bombshell Suzy Cortez.

It's gone down so well among her fans that she's seen a 50% increase in profit thanks to her feet.

Now she doesn't plan on stopping soon, but hopes to just keep giving her followers what they want.

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She said: "It's cool to always seek to innovate.

"Since I announced that I would take the photos, I had a 50% increase in the last month with exclusive content."

The model is usually open about her sexuality and dating life.

Previously, she claimed her partner's penis experienced "shrinkage" after catching Covid-19.

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She said: "I was shocked because I went looking for it and found other men with the same issues."

The South American beauty earns a living through her OnlyFans page where she pockets £192,000 a month.

She revealed: "The photos and videos I use for my account are the same as the ones I do for Playboy.

"My fans are from all over the world and sadly I can't always talk to everyone, but on OnlyFans I can speak to them."

She also recently launched a nude yoga class to help women boost libido.

The model believes it's empowering for female fans as it puts focus on their pleasure rather than their partners'.

Suzy said: "I learned better about how naked yoga works and it has helped me improve my libido. I can help other women.

"I want men to understand the technique so they don't just satisfy themselves."

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