Million-Dollar Dinners: The 10 Most Expensive Dining Tables In The World

While dining tables are a standard piece of furniture in many homes, they were elegant pieces of furniture during the Greek and Roman civilizations when the empires loved banqueting. With the emergence of people in Europe, they designed the rectangular dining table, which allowed an end of the table to hold a seat for the head of the household. The Romans introduced the circular model in Italy, which is still a popular design around the world. As decades have passed, the dining tables have changed in structure and design to cater to every customer’s demand.

What increases the value of a table is the number of man-hours required to complete the piece and the labor. Exclusive dining tables are often handmade and created over a long period, while the others date back centuries, making them more valuable. From the hand-painting Diorama dining table to the 200-year-old Tufft table, let’s look at the most expensive dining tables in the world.

10 Diorama Dining Table ($37,500)

Diorama Dining Table is a handcrafted masterwork that seats 12 people at once. According to its creator, Mackenzie-Childs, the table is painted in four layers: the sky as the final layer, the third layer is the lake, then the fields, and the barn and trees at the top. It takes 40 hours to paint the 3D view of Cayuga lake.

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9 Yaya & Wenge Table ($40,000)

This 4-meter dining table was created using Yaya wood for the surface and Wenge for the legs, both sourced from Africa. Brenco Exotic Woods made the simple and minimalist slab. Along with hand oiling the finishing touch to Yaya & Wenge, the wooden W support under the table was made from endangered plant species, making the table an expensive find.

8 Chinese Rosewood Flower Carving Round Dining Table Set ($49,800)

The Rosewood Flower Carving table was made in Southern China, and the antique furniture comes with a set of eight chairs. It features bird and flower carvings on the chairs, while the table comes with a glass-topped finish and a rotating tray for easier access. The handcrafted set is expensive due to the use of rosewood, weight, and carved details.

7 Incised Detail Dining Room Table ($55,000)

Jeffrey Greene’s design studio has been creating slab table masterpieces for over 40 years, and the designer himself created the Incised detail room table made from solid African Bubinga for the tabletop and Wenge wood for the legs. The incised legs have been hand cut from Brazilian Purpleheart wood, and the set of 6 chairs is sold as an extended edition.

6 Race Table by John & Table ($53,000)


Inspired by the Chevrolet Corvette, John & Table created a car-desk hybrid that uses the same elements as the interior of a car. Using black carbon fiber and Alcantara accents, it also had a high gloss finish on the tabletop, as noted by Luxury Launches. Along with hand-sewn accessories and an engraved plate, John & Table allows customers to accessorize each feature as they want.

5 The Slab Table ($62,000)


Under the banner of the American Furniture company BDDW, the founder Tyler Hays used his skills to create a handmade piece of furniture called the Slab Table. Rubbed with oil, the surface has a dark finish and is situated on a cast of the wishbone. Made from a single piece of walnut Slab Caro wood, it has digs, cuts, and a strange shape on the surface.

4 Italian Veneto Walnut Center Table ($66,400)


Dating back to the 19th century, the Italian Veneto Walnut Center Table is a collectible piece of furniture made from walnut wood and featuring two drawers. It has a carved pedestal and stands at 3 feet in height. The column-shaped pedestal is screwed to the round table top and features elements of Italian provenance.

3 The Knight Base Table ($70,000)


Created by Hudson Furniture, the sophisticated table called the Knight is made with organic and sustainable parts. As mentioned by Gear Patrol, the wood slabs are used from salvaged and storm-damaged trees, and the handmade table comes with a claro walnut top and cast bronze legs. Hudson allows buyers to customize their choice of tabletop and legs. Beyonce and Jay-Z most notably own it.

2 Parnian Desk ($200,000)


Parnian is best known for creating exclusive furniture, and the brand comes with a high-end clientele, including many celebrities and CEOs. The average furniture cost at Parnian is $6,000, and its most expensive dining table costs $200,000. Made from six different types of wood, including Abanos and Carpathian, Parnian allows customizable options for color and finish.

1 Tufft table ($4.6 million)

A delicately carved elegant table, the Tufft table is the most expensive dining table in the world. Created by acclaimed cabinetmaker Thomas Tufft more than 200 years ago, it was designed with a Rococo design pattern, as stated by Alux. Made in Philadelphia, it was sold for a whopping $4.6 million at a Christie’s auction in 1990.

Other notable tables include the Texas Dining and Living room installation ($34,000), Regency Dining Table ($28,000), and the Train Table ($25,000). While the designs and structures have changed, the allure of a dining table remains the same, which brings focus to the importance of communication and good living.

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