Miley Cyrus refuses to tour because she won’t ‘sleep on a moving bus,’ get ready ‘in a locker room’

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Miley Cyrus can buy herself flowers, but she can’t sleep on a bus.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer won’t be going on tour for her “Endless Summer Vacation” album because she doesn’t want to miss out on the comfort of being in her own home.

“This has nothing to do with a lack of appreciation for the fans & everything to do with I simply don’t want to get ready in a locker room. Which is the reality of life on the road,” Cyrus explained in a lengthy statement written on her iPhone Notes app and shared to her Instagram Wednesday.

The pop star, 30, said that her fashion choices aren’t made for tour bus life and that she doesn’t want to have to sleep on a moving vehicle while traveling from city to city.

“These looks I’ve been turnin don’t travel well. The archival looks don’t fold. I just don’t want to sleep on a moving bus,” she wrote.

But Cyrus made to sure clarify that her choice to refrain from touring has nothing to do with her fans and that she feels “connected” to them “NOW more than ever.”

“When I win, WE win. ❤️ Even if I don’t see them face to face every night at a concert, my fans are felt deeply in my heard,” she wrote. “I’m constantly creating and innovating new ways that I can stay connected to the audience I love – without sacrificing my own essentials.”

The “Hannah Montana” star noted that performing for her fans has yielded “some of the best days” of her life.

“We will continue this journey together as we have for the last almost two decades,” she promised.

While going on tour isn’t in the cards for Cyrus right now, she assured her followers that it’s not completely off the table in the future.

“if you’ve been following my career you know that I always change and the way I feel about that could too,” she wrote. “Love you forever, I’m just on my Endless Summer Vacation.”

She captioned the post, “A message from Miley ❤️” and titled the statement, “Sent From Heaven” in apparent nod to the lyric “So close to heaven but so far from everyone” from her “Endless Summer Vacation” song “Island.”

The comments section of the post was flooded with supportive messages from her fans.

“It’s giving Vegas residency, queen! Set those boundaries! Do you!” one hopeful fan commented.

“We love YOU come back to us ASAP,” a second person wrote.

“Im bummed only because i never got to see you but this is so understandable, the touring life seems monotonous and boring,” an understanding netizen added.

“take care of yourself, we love you so much & will always be here,” another insisted.

“ill be there FRONT AND CENTRE the second you’re ready 😌,” a commenter wrote.

Cyrus’ Instagram post came days after she said in a viral British Vogue interview that she had no “desire” to hit the road because there is “no connection” or “safety” when she sings “for hundreds of thousands of people.”

Her latest studio album, released on March 10, debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart following the record-breaking success of its lead single “Flowers.”

In May, the tune became the fastest song in Spotify history to reach 1 billion streams.

Cyrus made her touring debut in 2007 for her “Best of Both Words” tour.

But it’s been nearly a decade since she was last on the road for her 2014 “Bangerz” tour.

Since then, she has, however, performed limited runs in North America in addition to festivals including Glastonbury in 2019 and Lollapalooza Brazil in 2022.

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