Meghan Markle Keeps Getting Compared to Grace Kelly, But Why?

The comparisons between Meghan Markle and Grace Kelly feel inevitable. After all, both women are American actresses who married foreign-born princes and changed their lives forever. However, though their similarities are undeniable, there are a few key differences between Princess Grace and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Royal followers are getting fed up with the constantscrutinizing and comparing with Meghan Markle and all the women who marriedroyalty before. Grace Kelly, Wallis Simpson… they all lived duringdifferent times and ultimately, their circumstances were much different thanwhat Meghan faces today.

Are Meghan Markle and Grace Kelly really that much alike? Theanswer isn’t as simple as it seems.

Grace Kelly gave up her acting career to marry a prince

At the surface level, Princess Grace and Meghan’s backgrounds are strangely similar. Kelly was a prominent, Oscar-winning film actress who starred in several notable movies from the early to mid-1950s. She gave up the silver screen to marry Prince Rainier III of Monaco in April 1956. From then on, her identity became forever changed as the Princess of Monaco.

Princess Grace and Prince Rainier had three children together.Over the years, it’s rumored that some directors including Alfred Hitchcocktried to coax her out of retirement, but she remained firm in her dedication toa new life.

She died of a traumatichead injury after being involved in a car crash in 1982. Princess Grace was52 at the time of her death.

Meghan Markle also traded her professional life for love

The reason it’s so logical to compare Meghan and Grace Kellyis that they both had to sacrifice so much of themselves to marry the men theyloved. But themajor difference for Meghan is that she was a decade older than Princess Gracewas when she wed (Princess Grace was 26; Meghan was 36). Their outlooks andlife experiences were completely different.

Plus, Kelly was getting married for the first time.Meanwhile, Meghan had been married and divorced once previously. It can also beargued that Princess Grace was a much more famous actress when she gave it allup to marry her prince.

Meghan never became a princess like Grace Kelly did

People were mesmerized by Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier’s wedding because it all seemed like a real-life fairytale. Similarly, fans were drawn to Prince Harry and Meghan’s nuptials because of tradition and romance. But Meghan didn’t become a princess when she married Harry. Eventually, she lost her royal title all together when she and Prince Harry decided to step back as senior royals.

Princess Grace was considered an outsider when she marriedinto the royal family. And she was also seen an outspoken and opinionated, justlike Meghan is. Actress Rita Graham said Kelly was, “one of the first independent women in America… Sheleft her home, she earned her own living, she made the bed.”

In the 1950s, being a strong, self-made woman wasn’t too common. Princess Grace’s aspirations and values are aligned well with Meghan’s. She was a woman before her time.

The Princess of Monacoand the Duchess of Sussex have a few things in common, like their humanitarianwork, their impeccable fashion sense, and their willingness to sacrifice theircareers for love. But they’re also very different women who ultimately forgedtheir own paths.

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