Meghan Markle Has Baby Fever After Hanging Out With George & Amal Clooney’s Twins

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited George and Amal Clooney at their Italian villa last month, Meghan started having ‘baby fever’ thanks to the couple’s adorable twins.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spent time with George and Amal Clooney late last month, and the visit seemed to have an impact on the Duchess of Sussex. While visiting the couple’s Italian villa on Lake Como, Meghan bonded with Amal by playing with her 1-year-old twins Alexander and Ella. Now, it looks like Meghan’s feeling ready to start a family.

Meghan and Harry had such an amazing time with George and Amal, and they particularly loved hanging out with the twins,” a source close to the duchess tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Being around the children definitely gave Meghan a touch of baby fever. She’s gone into super crazy baby making mode since leaving Italy, which obviously Harry has no complaints about!”

“They both agreed that Meghan would stop using contraception once they were married, and that they would let nature take its course, which is exactly what they’ve been doing, but Meghan is starting to get a little impatient as she can’t wait to get pregnant,” the insider adds. “Meghan thinks she and Harry will have the most beautiful babies. Plus, she sees how he is with his nephews, and it’s so adorable, so she knows that he will be an absolutely amazing dad.”

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