McDonald’s worker pays for customer’s meal in ‘random act of kindness’

A McDonald's worker has been praised for her act of kindness after paying for a customer's meal.

Joshua, from Coventry, was ordering a meal at the Drive-thru counter and when he showed up at the window to pay the staff worker said she would pay for his meal.

He shared a video on Twitter, showing the uniform worker inserting her debit card to the machine behind the counter.

Joshua is heard asking the worker: "So you're gonna pay for my [meal]?"

The woman answers: "Yeah because you called your mum and asked if she wants anything from McDonald's."

She then admits that it's her "kind act of the day".

The 25-year-old then replies: "I need to pay that forward tomorrow, thank you very much. What's your name?"

The worker gives her name as "Enya".

Joshua said that he didn't expect to get a free meal, adding: "Proper cheered me up after having a depressing day with the fact I’m at high risk of redundancy."

He explained in the description: "So I went to McDonald's Coventry Tile Hill and whilst I was about to make my order, I rang my mum and asked her if she wanted anything.

"I then placed my order and then got around the window to pay and this girl said she is going to pay for my order as her kind act of the day because I rang my mum and it was thoughtful."

Joshua is now hoping to find Enya to send her a message and tell her she "just made my week".

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