McDonald’s Monopoly end date and how long you have to collect prizes – revealed

McDonald’s Monopoly drew to a close last month.

But while you may worry you’ve left it too late to collect your prizes, all hope is not lost.

This is the date your winning stickers need to be used up by.

When did McDonald’s Monopoly end?

McDonald’s Monopoly kicked off on March 20.

The promotion ran for around five weeks, before finishing on April 30.

Following the end date, customers were no longer able to redeem stickers in outlets.

The online game also concluded – preventing punters from inputting their codes.

How long do you have to collect your McDonald’s Monopoly prizes?

According to the official website, May 14 is the last day you can claim food prizes.

Non-food prizes can be cashed in for a couple of weeks longer.

Customers have until May 31 to collect rewards including cash, cinema tickets and holidays.

For a full list of rules, visit the McDonald’s web page.

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