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McDonald’s employees and customers share their favorite ordering hacks

Enjoy crispy hash browns, the freshest fries, and REAL eggs on a McGriddle: McDonald’s employees and customers share their favorite ordering hacks for the fast food chain

  • There are plenty of tricks for ordering at McDonald’d beyond the ‘secret menu’
  • Customers can always ask for fresh fries to be made, which can come in handy during an afternoon lull
  • Adults can order a grown-up Happy Meal without a toy, for less cash
  • There are also tricks for cheaper Big Macs and getting more soda 

Quite a lot of space on the internet has been devoted to ‘secret menu’ items, which you can order at fast food chains even though they don’t appear on the official menu.

But at McDonald’s, there are quite a few ordering hacks that don’t even involve making entirely new dishes.

Here, FEMAIL has rounded up some of the top tips from customers and employees, including how to always get fresh fries, the way to have fresh eggs on your breakfast sandwich, and the secret to biting into extra-crispy hash browns. 

Fast food trick: If you go to McDonald’s at an off time and want a fresh batch of fries made, just ask for it

Get fresh fries during the afternoon lull 

If you’re coming in at a busy time — like around lunch or dinner — chances are your food is going to pretty fresh, since there’s a lot of turnover during lunch and dinner rush.

But if you show up around mid-afternoon, it’s possible the fries have been sitting out for a little bit.

If you want to make sure you’re getting a fresh batch, there are two ways to do it: Some people swear the trick is to ask for fries with no salt, since that means the cooks will have to clean down the station and make a new batch. 

But according to several Quora users, that’s not even necessary. Simply ask for ‘fresh’ fries and staff will fry up new ones for you — in fact, they’ll make anything fresh if you ask for it.

The only catch? You’ll have to wait a bit longer for your food. 

Get a bit more soda without super-sizing 

Here’s a trick from Reddit that works at most restaurants: You can always ask for soda with no ice.

Chances are, it’s already pretty cold from the machine — so going ice-free means more space in the cup for soda and your drink won’t get watered down if it sits for a while.                 

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Get a real, whole egg on any sandwich

McDonald’s does, in fact, serve real, whole eggs — but only in their Egg McMuffins.

Everything else is made with a special liquid egg mixture, which also contains nonfat milk, food starch, salt, and citric acid.

While this doesn’t seem to bother biscuit sandwich or McGirddle loyalists too much, some might be happy to learn that they can get those fresh, whole eggs on their orders too — if they ask for them.

When ordering a McGriddle, biscuit, or bagel-based sandwich, simply ask for a ’round egg’ and the cooks will customize one for you. 

Customize it: McMuffins are the only breakfast item made with whole eggs rather than an egg mixture, but you can ask for a ’round egg’ on anything

Get a grown-up Happy Meal

When a value meal is too much, a cheeseburger Happy Meal can be just enough to hit the spot — but that doesn’t mean you want to walk out with a Happy Meal box and a toy you have no use for.

This is where the ‘All-American Meal’ comes in. In many stores in the US, you can ask for this and get a small drink, a cheeseburger, and a small fry for less than the price of a Happy Meal.

According to Reddit, franchises have been offering this under-the-radar option for decades.  

Get a smaller chicken salad

According to a Quora user, you don’t have to order an entire McDonald’s salad just to get one with protein.

Since everything can be customized, simply ask for a side salad and add chicken: It’s smaller and costs less than their regular salads. 

Snag a cheaper Big Mac 

Business Insider points out a trick for getting a Big Mac for less — sort of.

Instead of ordering the Big Mac — which has two patties, three pieces of bread, cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions, and special sauce — order a McDouble and substitute ketchup for Bic Mac sauce

Yum! Order hash browns ‘well done’ for an extra-crispy side dish

‘It’s much cheaper,’ one employee said. ‘All you’re missing is the weird piece of bread in the middle.’

Order well-done hash browns 

Social media users lost it last week when an article by FoodBeast made the rounds, claiming that you can order a McDonald’s hash brown well done. 

The slightly darker side in a ‘game changer,’ according to the site.

‘Visually they look pretty similar to the regular hash browns, albeit with a slightly darker color,’ Peter Pham wrote. 

‘Texturally, they’re miles crispier and add a satisfying crunch to your bite. If you’re taking your meal to go, they won’t get too soggy either. 

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