Married people confess secrets they kept from their spouses for YEARS

‘She’d kill me if she heard about it’: Married people confess the deepest, darkest secrets they have kept hidden from their spouses for YEARS

  • Married people have revealed the secrets they refuse to tell their spouses
  • The worst lies covered everything from secret children to hidden careers

Secretive spouses have revealed the deepest, darkest secrets they have kept hidden from their partners – and some will leave you scratching your head. 

While telling their significant other would be too forthcoming, anonymous liars have instead delved into their past for BuzzFeed and Reddit, and bared all for the internet’s entertainment. 

From a hidden love child inside the family to inappropriate crushes and covert careers, it’s easy to see why some have decided to keep these to themselves. 

‘I’ve slept with all three of my wife’s sisters multiple times, and she doesn’t know about it yet,’ admitted one anonymous cheater. ‘I also have a secret child with her oldest sister. She’d kill me if she even heard a rumor about it.’ 

Secretive spouses have revealed the lies they still keep years after they tied the knot 

While most of the secrets shared are expectedly damning, not all were necessarily marriage-ruining, with one husband sharing an almost-sweet bed wetting lie. 

‘My wife used to have an issue with wetting the bed when she was a teenager, and she thinks she’s grown out of it,’ he said. ‘Now, when she wets the bed and I wake up first, I pee on the bed, too, and tell her it was all me.’ 

Several happily married people admitted that they even have secret divorces, as a secretive spouse said: ‘I’ve been married and divorced before, but my current husband thinks this is my first marriage. 

‘My first marriage occurred when I was young, and it only lasted about two years. I even lied on my new marriage certificate. I will take this one to the grave.’ 

‘I’ve been married twice,’ confessed another fibber. 

‘My first husband and I got pregnant at 17, and my dad made us get married. We split amicably three years later, but we didn’t get divorced right away due to a lack of funds. 

‘We didn’t actually file the paperwork for another six years, which was a year after my second husband and I started dating. I never told him that I was married to someone else during the entire first year of our relationship.’ 

Many who anonymously shared their secrets admitted they would never want to be caught

While many would consider cheating on your fiancé right before your wedding to be a clear no-go, some still-married folks have come clean about their past indiscretions. 

One secret cheater said: ‘I was sleeping with the rabbi who married my husband and me.’ 

She said the entanglement came about because her husband is Jewish and she is Catholic, so his family rabbi refused to perform the ceremony. 

‘I called my previous boyfriend, who happened to be an Orthodox rabbi, to perform the ceremony,’ she continued. ‘My husband’s family never figured out how I managed to find a rabbi to perform our ceremony.’ 

‘When I was engaged, I was at a friend’s wedding and fooled around with another guy,’ conceded another seemingly happy spouse. 

‘I told my fiancé that the other guy and I only kissed in a random, drunken moment. In reality, we did A LOT more than just one kiss. Now, after more than 10 years of marriage and several kids later, I still feel guilty about it.’ 

Unsurprisingly, many also found that the lies they kept from their partners extended to their marital bedroom. 

A salacious spouse said: ‘I’ve been married for seven years, and I’ve faked every single orgasm with my husband. I always take care of myself afterward, so as not to upset him. 

‘I’ve even lied about not liking it because I just want it to end.’

The expansive list of marital lies all aimed to avoid an inevitable fight

Yet, while many delved into their most heartbreaking or deceitful moments, some were certainly less damaging than others. 

Among the list of cheaters and liars, one anonymous wife said she has been keeping her true eye color from her husband their entire relationship.

‘He has poor eyesight and couldn’t originally tell that I wear ultra-realistic prescription color contacts. I’ve worn color contacts for about 10 years and only take them off to shower and to give my eyes a break,’ she said. 

‘We’ve been married for five years now, and he still doesn’t know that this isn’t my actual eye color.’

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