Managers reveal the VERY awkward things they've had to warn employees

Bosses reveal the VERY awkward conversations they’ve been forced to have with employees – from urging them to use deodorant to asking them to keep their false teeth in

  • Managers from all over the world shared awkward discussions with employees 
  • Tales have been collated by Whisper and include a warning about canoodling
  • Another had to tell a member of staff to stop cutting toenails at the front desk 

We’ve all had awkward conversations we’d rather forget, but imagine having to endure that toe-curling exchange with your boss. 

Employers from across the globe have revealed the most cringeworthy things they’ve had to remind their employees – including one forced to give a stern warning to members of staff about canoodling at lunch time.  

The embarrassing stories, which have been collated online by Whisper, also include a telling off about clipping toenails at the front desk and handling vegetables after touching raw meat.  

A further manager told how he was left with no option but to ask an employee to start using deodorant after a gross stench started circulating the office.

Back to basics! One employer, from California, had to inform his co-worker of one of the most basic kitchen skills – not to touch raw meat and then handle vegetables

Time out! Another manager, from an unknown location, was so fed up with his colleagues canoodling that he decided to take action

Going bananas! Another employer, from Illinois, lost his patience after an employee kept leaving fruit to rot in an office drawer 

On the wrong foot! Another employer, from California, experienced a cringeworthy conversation with her employee after pointing out the obvious – to not walk bare foot in the office

Bare your teeth! One boss, from Alabama, had to tell his co-worker to wear her false teeth at all times

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Final nail in the coffin! This employer, from Oklahoma, had to give a member of staff a telling off after noticing he was cutting his toenails at reception

Daft as a brush! Another employee, from an unknown location, had to tell his co-worker to stop brushing his teeth at the front desk

What a load of rubbish! Another, from Washington, wrote a note to female staff informing them not to leave their used sanitary products in the compost bin

The meat of the matter! This manager, from an unknown location, had to tell an employee not to thaw steak with hot water

Hair of the dog! This boss, from Texas, had to warn a bar lady of two things – not to turn up late, or drunk

Kicking up a stink! One manager, from an unknown location, had to tell an employer to use deodorant

Making a statement! This employer, from an unknown location, was left red-faced after he had to tell an employee to stop coming in with a low cut shirt and raunchy trousers

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