Man with 95% of body inked tattoos skin 20 times after running out of space

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    A dad with his entire skin covered in tattoos revealed plans for a "third body suit".

    Remy has already spent over £75,000 on his body art – with intimate areas including his butt inked.

    He's covered over 95% of his skin in artwork and often shares his incredible journey on Instagram.

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    The Canadian dad has garnered more than 205,000 followers on the platform by sharing pictures of his jaw-dropping ink.

    And it sounds as though Remy's journey is far from over – despite having ran out of space on his body years ago.

    He spoke to Daily Star about his next venture.

    The ex-chef said: "I've been out of space for years, I'm working on my third body suit currently.

    "Some of me has been tattooed over twenty times. I'll never run out of space, not so long as I'm willing to keep going."

    When asked about the untouched areas of his body, Remy didn't hesitate to share his intimate ink.

    He's tattooed his entire penis, including his bum which he previously discussed how painful it was.

    Remy added: "The only places on my body that aren't fully tattooed are my palms (which are partially tattooed).

    "My soles aren't touched and neither is the front of my face. My penis is completely tattooed."

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    Discussing the painful areas, he said: "Maybe the inside of the bum, or the deeper regions of the inner thighs. Those areas are fairly sensitive."

    Remy got his first tattoo in 2009 which was his son's name in custom script.

    Since then he's spent a lot of money, although the dad has pretty much stopped keeping count.

    He previously shared plans for gaining a world record for spending the most time getting inked.

    "I've been asked many times over the years if I have any world records yet," Remy admitted.

    "And honestly, I've never been certain, but I decided to contact the Guinness Book of World Records for a few things."

    It doesn't sound like Remy is stopping his obsession anytime soon and it's safe to say we're all for it…


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