Man wakes girlfriend to propose with a PLASTIC ring as a joke

Man, 35, who proposed to his girlfriend as a JOKE with a plastic ring brands her ‘childish’ for being upset – but is told he’s ‘despicable’ and that she should leave him

  • Boyfriend from the US took to Reddit’s ‘Am I The As***le’ forum to ask for advice
  • Drunkenly woke up his girlfriend to propose with a plastic ring as a joke
  • Said she was furious because he knows how much marriage means to her  
  • Commenters did not find the joke funny and were quick to show their outrage 

For anyone wanting to get married, the proposal is a beautiful, intimate moment between two people, but one boyfriend seemingly didn’t get the memo.  

In an anonymous post on a popular Reddit thread called ‘Am I The As***le’, the man, 35, believed to be from the US, revealed that he woke his girlfriend, 30, up after a night out with his friends and proposed to her with a plastic ring he’d won in an arcade machine.

He then laughed at her and told her it was all a big joke, prompting her to break down in tears and accusing him of ‘making a mockery of their relationship’.

The baffled boyfriend asked if she was overreacting and being childish, but commenters were less than sympathetic, branding him ‘immature’ and saying his girlfriend could do better.   

Not helping matters any further, the original poster explained that he told his girlfriend to stop being over the top before heading to sleep

In the, now deleted, post titled ‘AITA for proposing to my girlfriend with a plastic ring as a joke? he explained, ‘Last night I was out with a few buddies and got a little tipsy.’

 ‘While I was out we went on arcade machines for fun. I won a stupid plastic ring. In my tipsy state, I was like “Aha y’know what would be a great idea? If I pretended to propose to girlfriend with this”.

‘Cue buddies laughing and agreeing. I got home after midnight and woke my girlfriend up (shameful in itself I know) and told her to get out of bed quick in an urgent tone.’

‘She was worried and asking what’s wrong. I told her to sit on the edge of the bed. I then went down on one knee and presented her with the sh***y ring and asked, “Will you marry me?” and then burst out laughing.’

An anonymous poster asked a reddit group if he was in the wrong for doing a fake proposal to his girlfriend with a plastic ring

He went on to explain that he hadn’t expected a bad reaction from her, but she threw a pillow at him and went into the bathroom to cry alone. 

‘I was still tipsy and couldn’t stop laughing (bad I know). She was crying and saying, “I can’t believe you find this funny, you know how much it means to me to get married. You take that special moment away by getting on your knee as a joke”.’

Not helping matters any further, the original poster explained that he told his girlfriend to stop being ‘way over the top’ before heading to sleep.  

‘Today has been her crying off and on about me making a mockery of her and our relationship,’ he continued. 

‘The ironic thing is I do plan to propose to her for real soon,’ he said, adding that he’s apologised profusely. 

‘A big part of me thinks she’s also overreacting and it’s childish. I fell like this is something she needs to get over,’ he concluded.  

Commenters were appalled at the original poster’s behaviour and warned him that his girlfriend may not forgive him

Commenters were furious with the man and wrote about their disdain for how he handled the whole situation.

‘You better hope she doesn’t leave you before you propose. She’s not overreacting. You made a joke out of her feelings,’ one warned him.  

‘She’s probably crying because she knows what she has to do now. I know If I were her I’d definitely reconsider wanting to marry this person.’    

Another commenter was astounded at his behaviour, ‘Are you and your buddies really mid-30s? This seems astonishingly adolescent. Anything that strikes as a good idea while you’re drunk probably isn’t. Let this be a lesson to you.’  

‘You may have blown it,’ chimed in a third commenter. 

People unanimously agreed that the poster was in the wrong and should be coming up with a brilliant apology

‘You really made a mockery of your relationship. Now when you propose, she will think that you are doing it so she won’t be mad at you.’ 

Another onlooker simply wrote, ‘You are 35. It is time to grow up and quit listening to your buddies. They are dumb.’   

One person couldn’t believe what they were reading and said, ‘This is truly cruel. Like, this is an awful thing to do to someone you’re supposed to love.’ 

‘She should honestly leave you,’ said another. ‘What you did is despicable.’

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