Man, 35, who weighed 33-stone when he died was 'covered in faeces' and so large he couldn't be moved | The Sun

THE heartbroken family of a 33-stone man claim he died covered in faeces in hospital.

Babatunde Shodeinde, 35, from East London, suffered a fatal cardiac arrest on August 1, 2022 after picking up a urinary tract infection and ventilator associated pneumonia.

Mr Shodeinde, who is described by his family as "a charming and loving bundle of joy", was a patient at Homerton University Hospital.

His tearful sister Yasmin appeared at Poplar Coroner's Court on Monday February 6 and pleaded with the assistant coroner Sarah Bourke to adjourn the inquest.

Ms Shodeindehighlighted a number of alleged concerns with infection management prior to her brother's death.

After hearing the allegations and reading a number of witness statements onto the record, coroner Bourke agreed to call on witnesses from Homerton hospital and set a date for a second hearing, reports MyLondon.


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Ms Shodeinde told the court: "My mum came to the ward on a number of occasions and he was submerged in his faeces.

"He had third degree pressure sores on the back of his head. If he's submerged in his faeces is that the route of infection?

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"There were failures in his care on numerous weeks and with communication."

She also alleged his catheter was "submerged in faeces" and asked "How did he attain that UTI?".

Coroner Bourke acknowledged her concerns, and said: "The question we have is the management of nursing care in the part of the ICU and whether that contributed to the UTI which is part of the formulation of the medical cause of death."

Ms Shodeinde also revealed errors in her brother's patient notes which wrongly said he had a history of crack cocaine use and had been to prison.

She said: "It was like someone else's case papers were copy and pasted in my brothers.

"My brother has never taken crack cocaine or gone to prison. If these things were written down wrong in a court proceedings, what else is wrong?"

Mr Shodeinde suffered from schizophrenia and was admitted to psychiatric hospitals 10 times since 2008.

His sister spoke of "failures" in regards to his mental health and also told the court how her mum's attempts to get a second opinion from doctors was "rejected".

In May Mr Shodeinde was taken to A&E as his temperature reached 38.8C and his heartrate hit 120bpm.

Mr Shodeinde could not be transferred anywhere due to weight limits on the beds, and later had a tracheotomy – a procedure to make another airway in the throat.

Doctors found he had a chest infection and put him on antibiotics and oxygen, but his lung function got worse.

He was transferred to ICU where, after refusing to comply, he was sedated with ketamine and put on a mechanical ventilator to help him breathe.

He remained on the ventilator, but by July 31 "his condition deteriorated" according to the IC consultant. On August 1 he had a cardiac arrest and sadly could not be saved.

The pathologist concluded his cause of death as 1a Multi Organ Failure and 1b Urinary Tract Infection and Ventilator Associated Pneumonia.

A spokesperson for Homerton University Hospital said: "We offer our sincere condolences to Mr Shodeinde's family and will cooperate fully with the Coroner."

Mr Shodeinde's mum Adetutu Soloye set up a gofundme for her son's medical bills when he was admitted to hospital.

She describes him as her "bundle of joy" who "struggled in his adulthood, but has never given up hope".

She said: "The medication he has taken over the years has contributed to his disproportionate weight gain which made him the butt of jokes, stares, sniggers, and derision.

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"As a mother, I feel helpless that I can not protect him and make things better for him, but he soldiered on hoping to get well enough to live a quiet mock free life.

"I see my baby lying there fighting to live, fighting through the pain, desperately holding onto life.

"I am torn and desperate to get Babatunde diagnosed and treated swiftly. Hence, I turn to the kind hearted people everywhere. Please help me save my son."

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