Man, 26, pays gushing tribute to 'baby doll' wife as she turns 80

Man who was 17 when he married a 71-year-old after meeting at her son’s funeral pays gushing tribute to his ‘baby doll’ on her 80th birthday

  • Almeda and Gary, from the USA have a 53 year age gap and are still going strong
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A man who was a teenager when he wed his friend’s mother weeks after meeting at her son’s funeral has paid a gushing tribute to his older wife on her 80th birthday. 

Gary Hardwick, now, 26, and his Walmart worker wife Almeda, 80, from Tennessee are no stranger to controversy, and even have a joint OnlyFans selling explicit content to their subscribers.

And it seems their passion continues to grow, with Gary describing Almeda as his ‘babydoll’ and his ‘queen’ in an emotional birthday tribute to mark her milestone.  

The full Instagram post said: ‘Happy birthday to the most amazing wife in the world. Today is not only your day, but most importantly, today is about celebrating the birth of such a wonderful & true woman with such a heart of gold.

‘I’m the luckiest husband for everyday that I get to wake up beside you. You make me the happiest man each and every day and I want to always make you the happiest woman.

Gary Hardwick was only 17 when he wed Almeda, a Walmart worker, just two weeks after they first met at her son’s funeral and then again at a children’s birthday party

‘You deserve the world and until my last breath I’ll work hard to give you that. All of my happiest moments are moments I share with you. I hope you have the best birthday ever today and I hope you enjoy all of your surprises my love.

‘You’re truly the love of my lifetime and I love you with every beat of my heart. Here’s to celebrating my queen. Happy Birthday Babydoll’.

Gary, in his mid-twenties also cheffed up some wine-infused salmon for the senior citizen – and treated her to some wine to mark the occasion.

Gary was just 17 when he wed Almeda  in a $200 ceremony two weeks after they first met at her son’s funeral and then again at a children’s birthday party.

Despite raising eyebrows with their relationship, Almeda has insisted that it’s true love and her husband is mature for his age.  

Meanwhile, Gary has spoken openly about their sex life, saying: ‘The first time we made love was on our wedding night. It was an amazing experience. There was such a deep connection there. She’s a wonderful lover’.

Since then, they’ve had some of their TikTok videos reporterd, with Gary explaining: ‘We had some of our content pulled down, it was reported for “sexually explicit content”.’

A year after their big day, the Hardwicks admitted that a lot of people disagree with their relationship, including Almeda’s son, who hasn’t spoken to her since the day she met Gary.

The Tennessee couple, who are no stranger to controversy, also have a joint OnlyFans selling explicit content to their subscribers – and have even had some TikToks reported due to their adult nature

Aaron and Indiana Elliott, two of Almeda’s six grandchildren, also found it difficult to accept their relationship – particularly Aaron, who is three years older than his step-grandfather. 

Aaron, said: ‘I only called him grandfather once and it was when I was drunk. In my head, I see him as a friend more than a grandfather. But you know, our grandmother is happy.’

Indiana, 17, added: ‘How can you not be supportive about that?

‘For me personally, whenever they first got together it was a little bit weird. But I mean, we live in the 21st century and those things really shouldn’t matter.

‘My mom on the other hand is very outspoken, because you know there’s an age difference between him and my mom too. So it’s a little weird to see your mother walking around with someone the same age as your own kids.’ 

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