Lush launches a range of lipstick refills which reduce plastic waste

Lush unveils a ‘game changing’ range of £8.50 lipstick refills to reduce plastic waste – and they can be slotted into an old container from ANY brand

  • The lipsticks come with a peel-off wax cover and can be slotted into any holder
  • They are all vegan and there are forty shades available, with refills costing £8.50
  • They are available to buy online and in the Oxford Street and Birmingham stores

Lush has delighted fans by launching a refillable lipstick range to help customers cut down on plastic and excess packaging – one of the first of its kind in the UK. 

Its new cruelty-free vegan lipsticks comes in a range of forty luxurious shades, including ‘Los Angeles,’ available as £8.50 ‘naked refills’ without packaging. 

Each lipstick bullet is coated in a peelable wax which you can simply remove before slotting the colour into a clean, old lipstick holder.  

You can either use an old lipstick holder form any brand, or buy a new shade from the range in a case for £13.50 and refill to your heart’s content.

The new range joins a small handful of brands on sale in the UK, offering refillable lipsticks, including the cult range Hourglass.  

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The forty new shades of lipstick come in two forms. The ‘naked refills’ cost £8.50 each, while the lipsticks in recycled packaging are being sold at £13.50

Want to upcycle an old lipstick container? Lush has unveiled its new range of vegan lipsticks which come with a peelable wax seal, meaning you can insert into old lipstick packaging when it’s finished 

With the refills costing a reasonable £8.50 each and the lipsticks in recycled packaging being sold at £13.50, it’s no surprise fans are behind the environmental-saving idea.

The brand is not only renowned for the strong scent oozing out of its store doors, but also its ethical and vegan products, such as palm oil-free soap that helps to protect the habitat of critically endangered orangutans. 

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And fans were quick to take to Instagram to share their delight, with users calling the product everything from ‘very smart’ and ‘genius,’ to ‘revolutionary’ and a ‘game changer’.

Another person added: ‘Definitely an invention I am super proud to tell customers about! Gotta try it out for myself soon!’ 

The Lush website provides simple instructions and even a video which demonstrates exactly how to use the clever ‘naked wax’ refills.

Firstly, hold at the base and peel the wax seal up using the black tab. 

Remove the black wax portion on the bottom, and slot into an empty lipstick container – wipe out any remaining lipstick using a cloth. 

Then simply remove the rest of the peelable wax, and you’re ready to go.     

Other fans were keen for the increasingly popular products to be available globally. 

Instagram was inundated with complimentary comments from fans – with many keen to see the refillable lipstick range available globally

‘Fantastic! I hope these will come to other countries soon,’ wrote one user.

‘I really wish north America had make up from Lush. I miss the make up,’ commented another. 

The refillable lipstick range is available from Lush online and the brand’s London Oxford Street and Birmingham stores.    

In 2015, one estimate suggested 61 per cent of cosmetics and toiletries were packaged in plastic — and that figure was expected to grow 12 per cent by 2019.

Recycling the different plastics used in make-up and skincare products is complicated, because many materials are involved. This means that a lot of it will end up in landfill, where it will sit for an estimated 1,000 years until it decomposes.



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