Luke Cage’s Appearance In The Final ‘Jessica Jones’ Season Is Bittersweet

Spoilers for Jessica Jones Season 3 ahead. While Jessica Jones may be the final show in Netflix’s run of street level Marvel heroes, she’s not the only Defender who gets a chance to say goodbye. Luke Cage is in Jessica Jones Season 3  and the two heroes got to check in with each other one last time. They’ve come a long way, as vigilantes and as people, and it was a nice way to add a little closure to the series finale.

From all the drinking and moping she does, you’d think Jessica was alone in the world. Unfortunately for her self-imposed brand, she has more than one superhero on her side. Back in Season 1, Luke was one of the first to truly understand what she was going through. Before you ask, their reunion in Jessica Jones Season 3 is not a romantic one. While the characters are married in Marvel comics, they’ve moved on in their respective Netflix series.

It was also nice to see that Luke is doing well, as the Hero of Harlem ended the second season of his series in kind of a dark place. He took over his nemesis’ night club, and has essentially become a crime boss in shining armor.

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